Monday, October 23, 2006

Whip Pelosi

Don't let yourself be Pelosi-whipped!

Read Pelosi's plans for the House.

More good reasons to vote Republican on November 7th.


nanc said...

dear Lord - i thought it was old cat blog monday! then i saw the whip, then i realized it's "old bat blog monday" - phew...

cube said...


The Phoenix said...

I wonder if she keeps the leather stirrups in her office or at home.

WomanHonorThyself said...

sheesh..I'm outta words already for this woman!

Kathy said...

That's real funny Nanc.

Personally, I don't go for old bats my self.( I much prefer cat blog Friday!)

THAT old bat is certainly not worth wastin' a pkak on! ebuc.

cube said...

phoenix: not to mention the jumper cables!

woman: Don't worry. I've got enough words for both of us.

kathy: I like cats and bats, but this Old Bat being Speaker of the House gives me nightmares. Imagine her being third in line to the presidency. Yikes!

Brooke said...


Did you see that crappy news story/promo of her eating not one, but two (as if that makes her part of the "working man's class") pork chops on a stick? Puh-leeeaaase.

cube said...

brooke: I missed that one. Did she say she could have any pork chop she wanted? ;-)

Brooke said...

No, it was a reporter voice-over brown-nosing session. She was trying to act natural, but coming off pretty silly at a fair in a pant suit. HA!

cube said...

brooke: oh, you've given me an idea. You know how we refer to Hillary as the PIAPS (pig in a pant suit?) Well, does this mean
we can refer to Pelosi as EPIAPS?
(eating pork in a pant suit?)


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