Monday, August 20, 2007

A Little Moto

Q.Q. this one is for you.


[The BLOG note: Hat tip to 867-5309, a.k.a Jenny, from A Jester Unemployed and To Tame The Wild Beastie who introduced me to The Military Motivator Blog .]


At August 20, 2007 3:24 PM, Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

nice sign!

At August 20, 2007 6:04 PM, Blogger The Phoenix said...

I love it when what's-her-face from the Nightly News interviewed a sniper. She asked, "So what do you feel when you shoot the enemy."

And the sniper replies: "A little recoil."

At August 20, 2007 6:15 PM, Blogger Brooke said...

Now that's a good dog! :D

At August 20, 2007 8:31 PM, Blogger cube said...

phoenix: Heh heh. What a perfect answer to an insipid question.

At August 20, 2007 11:59 PM, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

Good doggie!!

At August 21, 2007 10:07 AM, Blogger cube said...

j.d.: That dog looks like an older version of our pup, Elke, who is going under the knife tomorrow.

At August 21, 2007 8:42 PM, Blogger cube said...

Oh yeah, I'm getting more & more
nervous about Elke's impending surgery.

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