Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lefty Time

Can you believe this?


nanc said...

this is a joke, right?

well, come to think of it, even hitler was their man of the year here awhile back.

stands to reason - it was either pootie or the ahmadhimmiwhackjob.

jan said...

Amazing how they amaze us every year.

cube said...

nanc: algore was the first runner up. JK Rowling was the second runner up.

Yep, Time has been messed up for a long time.

cube said...

jan: I only predicted their choice once... the year they picked the blogosphere as person of the year.

BTW your site wouldn't let me comment on the post with the adorable shepherds wearing antlers. It called me Spam!

birdwoman said...

well, he is singlehandedly the scariest dude in the world. So I'd give it to him.


Jen said...

How do I make that little rolling eye emoticon in the comments? Just imagine that I'm doing that...

WomanHonorThyself said...

good pathetic can it get!..dang media and lefties..spit!

David Amulet said...

I'm at the front of the mob decrying the liberal media ... but this isn't a strong one to fight about.

They've never made the argument that this is the "best" person of the year, just the most noteworthy. And given what he has done in/to the Russian political system, it's a damn good choice for that reason ... regardless of what you think of the man's ideology or policies.

After all, I think they gave the Man of the Year to Hitler at least once ...

-- david

Always On Watch said...

I seem to remember that Time considered using Ahmadinejad for "Man of the Year." A lot of objections to using him.

But this year it's Putin???

Putin has done a lot for Russia, all right--particularly silencing voices of dissent.

cube said...

Putin has been consolidating his power base for years. Just because he manages to install his lackey Medvedev as president, and himself as PM, that earns him person of 2007? This is Russia where the press isn't free, and neither are elections.

Perhaps the problem is that I
consider the title to be an honorific. Maybe if they referred to it as Pond Scum of the year I wouldn't have a problem with Putin.

Brooke said...

Sheesh. Time should be ashamed of itself.

They're not, of course, but they SHOULD be.

Caz said...

I was gobsmacked.

Guess The Times don't exactly stand in solidarity with murdered journalists.

Other than that: did Putin *achieve* something this year; or in any year?

cube said...

brooke: I hear you.

caz: You've touched on a great point. Where is the solidarity of our press with the murdered journalists in Russia.

Remember just the latest two during Putin's reign:
Journalist #15 Who "Fell" Out A Window

Journalist #14 - Anna Politkovskaya Shot To Death Outside Her Apartment

This is just another example of the liberal media celebrating an anti-American entity, rather than one who champions our side.

Anonymous said...

looks like wev'e been on the same wave-length all week..

Merry Christmas, Happy Healthy, and a SAFE, New Year, and may God bless us all.
And God Bless America.

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