Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I'm still shaking my head over this...

NIE: An Abrupt About-Face .

After what I've been reading about the latest NIE report, I'm wondering how do we fight the enemies in the world at large if we can't even fight the enemies that are living right here in our own country?


Jamie Dawn said...

This intelligence report may or may not be accurate.
Based on their past assessments, the report may very well not be accurate.
Our intelligence capabilities have not been the greatest.
If it is accurate, then I'd say that our presence in Iraq may have scared the pants off of Iran, so they backed off of their pursuits. Who knows?? Their leader is still a very dangerous man who must be watched like a hawk.
When the intelligence leans in a positive way for Bush, the liberal media doubts the veractiy of the intelligence. When it leans in a negative way for Bush, they tout it and hold it up as if it's the final word of absolute truth on the matter. It's easy to see right through the bias.
We just need to let some time pass, and we'll know more about what's going on in Iran.

cube said...

You have touched upon the dilemma.

How do we trust our own intelligence when it is so politically driven?

How do we trust our own press when it is so politically driven?

I don't want to see a repeat of a USA defeat by our home-grown enemies during the Vietnam war.

The Phoenix said...

Here's the simple truth, nobody outside of Iran REALLY KNOWS what the hell is going on over there.

Intelligence, reports, blah blah blah.

I prefer to tread carefully, and prepare for the worst. This report does not change one simple fact: Iran is killing American soliders every single day in Iraq.

Now THAT, we know for sure.

nanc said...

here's the situation - israel will strike iran first; we'll say we knew nothing about it because we didn't believe they had any nu clear weapons' facilities; israel looks bad to the rest of the world and we save face.

God help u.s.

cube said...

phoenix: Suppose your premise is correct, i.e., that we can't know what's going on in Iran. Why in the world would we, the superpower of the world, put out a report that says Iran stopped their nuclear program in 2003?

If these intelligence reports are just blather, why not a report that helps us, with the world's help, to further contain a clear menace?

This is clearly a politically driven report and that is the really scary thing. They're not on the side of America.

nanc: I can only hope that Israel has the werewithall to strike first. The recent strike on Syrian sites harkens to the Israel of old. Let's hope that spirit survives.

Shover Robot said...

Think it could be several reasons why,

I heard one night on the radio one time almost a year ago, that Russian scientists were doing the nukes for Iran and Russia was going to pull out because they hadn't been paid by Iran.

So wondering if that was another big reason the Nukes were haulted which would make sense.

cube said...

shover: Interesting premise.