Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wise Words

Pope Benedict XVI is warning the international community to base its ecological policies on science rather than the dubious dogma of the environmentalist movement.

The Pope Condemns The Climate Change Prophets


The reasonable voices are gathering strength and the climate change scammers will be exposed as frauds.


Anita Lyfe said...

The German Shepherd is right.

Brooke said...

Preach it, Pontiff!

jan said...

I know you're right as more and more reasonable voices are getting the nerve to speak out against the established idiocy.

cube said...

brooke: Amen.

jan: What really kills me is that by the time everyone realizes what a total sham the whole man-made global warming/climate change movement is, gore will say it was his actions that saved the world.

He invented the internet. Why shouldn't he also save the world?

Jamie Dawn said...

BUT, if the world doesn't end soon, Al Gore will look like a fool!!!!
Have some compassion, Cube.
And how many times do I have to tell you to reduce your hitonious carbon footprint!!!

birdwoman said...

Holy Crap! Pun not intended!

I never would have expected this call for reason to come from the highest church in the land. Just goes to show, doesn't it.


cube said...

j.d.: Gore will just claim that he made all the difference in the world and the morons will believe him.

bw: Haven't you heard of the Jesuits? They're Catholic.