Friday, May 29, 2009

Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday...

... with the recent flag-related posts, what better than a vexillologically-painted cat?

Happy Friday, everybody!


Ananda girl said...

What a hoot! I had to print this one out for my kidd-os. Big grin.

Amanda said...

cube - Often when I read your blogs I have to get out the dictionary and look up a word!

cute cat

(This is Sue - the Amanda is my daughter I'm at her house.)

cube said...

Ananda girl: Glad you liked it :-)

You know, I'm patriotic, and I like to think my cats are patriotic as well, but I'd never spend the big bucks to have my cats painted like this.

Sue: I love learning new words and naturally assume the rest of the world does too.

Enjoy your stay at Amanda's house.

CrazyBunnyLady said...

Oh, that poor cat.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

God Bless Ameri-kitty.

Jen said...

The cat reminds me of Wonder Woman!

Amanda said...

cube - Now, thanks to you, I will forever remember that vexillological
means scientific and scholorly study of flag history and symbolism.

I don't see the connection between the word and its meaning - I should have taken etymology in high school.

Z said...

don't look now, but I THINK I just found the one thing I didn't think looked better draped in the American flag! :-)

Looks like the cat agrees, to me!! heh

Cube...Mr. Z's got a very good piece up Saturday (if he'd just stop TYPING and let me edit!)

Tracy said...

this is so cute and interesting...I've never see a cat with a flag like up my eyes...thank you for sharing this