Thursday, May 07, 2009

Justice For All

Thomas Sowell states it better than I can...

Empathy Versus Law: Part III

Hear. Hear.

"Empathy" is a code word for activist. Look for the upcoming Supreme Court nominee to be a black or hispanic (preferably both) gay female with lots of "empathy", but very little merit.


cube said...

*cricket chirp*

Ananda girl said...

It's going to be interesting for sure.

I actually know a woman who fits that discription to a tee! hahaha I can't imagine her being a Supreme Court Justice though.

That's a scary thought.

Ananda girl said...

Wait... that's a sobering thought. I don't think I want to be sober in that case!

Anonymous said...


I'd just count on the nominee to be spectacularly unqualified, like the new president.

A token gesture of a cartoon, selected by a cariacature of a savior, elected by a parasitic mob, who can't get off their t.v. watching lard asses long enough to realize they need only work and save a little money to realize they live in the most prosperous land ever imagined.

Instead, they lazily smoke dope while coveting the yeild of the productive and vote multiple times for loud charlatans who promise them still more free stuff.

They should be ashamed but they have none.

Even this joke of a president will fail to to provide succor however, for a parasite can never be satisfied.

At least in this case, the justice to be replaced is a fool who would be difficult to out perform in the absurdity department...

Got a problem with that Lynne? Go with God.