Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yes, I'm Partial To Shepherds

The Baaa-Studs will amaze you with their shepherding skills.


At October 18, 2009 7:08 PM, Blogger Ananda girl said...

I love love love this video!!!

At October 18, 2009 8:46 PM, Blogger Chuck said...

Cube, this was great. My daughter Emily had just gotten into bed and I had my wife get her up so she could see it, she giggled.

At October 18, 2009 10:49 PM, Blogger cube said...

Ananda Girl: Isn't it great. I loved it too. I can't even begin to imagine all the work that went into it, but I'm glad they did it.

Chuck: Aw, that is so sweet. I think I had a big, silly grin on my face the whole time I first watched this video, but giggles are even better. Thanks for sharing that anecdote.

At October 19, 2009 8:29 AM, Blogger Brenda Jean said...

Yeah, she was laughing so hard I had a hard time getting her to sleep. Chuck is a putz. BAHAHAHA But it WAS hysterical. Even our son who I call The Angry Teen, was laughing!

At October 19, 2009 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cube, that was wonderful and inspiring, not to mention as has been already, hilarious! What incredible imagination, and skill (dog and man)! Accolades to the woolies as well!

Thanks Cube, I thoroughly enjoyed that!


At October 19, 2009 12:49 PM, Blogger cube said...

Brenda Jean: I agree with your position because I wasn't the one that had to settle your little girl down enough to go to bed, but I also agree with Chuck's position because I love to hear it when someone enjoys my blog post enough to share it with others. How's that for diplomacy?

RW: I'm glad you liked it as much as I did. I know we are subjected to videos from the Internet all the time and they're not always good. This one was a definite keeper.

At October 19, 2009 5:21 PM, Blogger Brooke said...

This is cool. BAAA!!!

At October 20, 2009 6:50 AM, Blogger cube said...

Some people, Mr. Cube among them, are convinced this is CGI. Does anyone else have any info on the filming of this video?

At October 29, 2009 11:02 AM, Blogger birdwoman said...

as a housemate of 2 border collies, I must say, THIS WAS AWESOME!!

thanks for sharing!!


At October 29, 2009 12:18 PM, Blogger cube said...

Birdwoman: I'm glad you liked it. I loved it, too. But I must ask you, do you think this video was CGI or real.

At October 31, 2009 10:13 AM, Blogger birdwoman said...

I live in awesome wonder of dogs, and I think it's real.

Probably wrong, but prefer my delusions. (husband swears its fake)


At October 31, 2009 3:38 PM, Blogger cube said...

Birdwoman: You have thrown down the gauntlet. We must now make it our solemn duty to find out the truth behind this video. I will share with you what I find out, if you will share with me what you find out. Deal?


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