Friday, November 19, 2004

Bush basher get the boot!

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin booted a vocal anti-Bush critic from the Liberal Party's parliamentary caucus on Thursday, further weakening his minority government's already tenuous grip on power.

MP Carolyn Parrish, known for stomping on a Bush doll, was herself given the boot by PM Martin, not for her outspoken anti-Americanism, but for criticising PM Martin's leadership.

Perhaps ex-MP Parrish should invest in a Musical Therapy Turtle.

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franksk said...

If anyone would be interested in making their voice heard. Please sign my petition? and make your comments heard. Let us not put the wrong person in the White House again.

Thank you for your time and consideration

It is almost time to vote again. Please, I beg of you if your vote doesn’t register; tell someone, call someone, email someone, write to someone. Make a difference. Let’s not repeat history, again… And if these issues are not important to you, find the ones that are and make a difference…Just a few things that are happening or not happening:

Taken directly from; on October 3, 2006 4:15pm

Everyone says,” The Congress and the Senate need to do things to change what is happening in the United States," Well, I say we all need to do something!
Open your mouth, state your mind. Sitting around the table over coffee will not get anything accomplished; unless you’re on a letter writing campaign.

Do something? Do anything? But, please just not do anything at all. Even if the intent is good and the means may not be very well thought out, make a plan and stick to your guns (not literally) and speak your mind. This nation needs serious repair. This nation has made more enemies in the last decade than in all the years we have been a nation.

We have let people speak for us; because, we feel that no-one will listen to us. Wrong? People will listen; if you just give them a chance. We can get this nation back on track by peaceful debate and demonstration. Democracy is messy. But it is better than living in a country that does not practice Democracy. Write to your Congress person, your Senator; email the news stations and the media. Send emails out to your address books, put up fliers to attest to your beliefs. is a great place to start-sign up…Speak your mind...

And let’s get rid of all the dead beats, criminals, and self created narcissists; in the Senate, White House, and Congress. Many of these people are only interested in feeding their own pocketbooks. They need to go. Why do the members of the Senate and Congress get raises and receive better than average medical care, when the average person in America does not receive any medical care or able to work above minimum wage?

And what is it about all the immigration? (This country was based on diversity.) Where did everyone in this country come from? Most everyone in this country comes from immigrant grand parents or great grand parents. Let’s get real here. The only natives here are Native Americans. Who has been dealt a very bad hand in every aspect? Do the government officials think we are stupid enough not to notice that they are just trying to distract us from the really important issues? (LIKE our Men and Women dying in Iraq and other countries. National health care, pension to our elderly, minimum wage, and lack of affordable educational resources… I could go on… And they work for us. HUH? Right? Who are they kidding? There not working for me-how about you? They are not fooling anybody? They work for their own self interest. Let’s get together and raise some peaceful hell. Because, that is all I see that is going to shake anyone up. People quibble over simple words. Let’s make it simple for them. We want a better government, because it would seems that different maybe better-because I can not see it getting worse-well you know a dictator. But without democracy that is what you have is it not? A dictatorship that controls all the power? Sounds familiar? Voting manipulations the last two elections-votes flipping for George Bush. How many states were involved in vote flipping? (Maybe due to rigged machines)Too many to count. Don't believe me? Buy a movie called Stealing America. That should just about wake you up.

I have no financial interest in this movie, only to get it out to the public, so people can make up their own mind on the subject. Get involved, write letters, send emails, and make phone calls, and put up fliers. Make a difference!!! Everyone has an opportunity to change the course of their life and the lives of others just by a nano-second of decision.

VOTE AND IF IT DOES NOT REGISTER… TELL SOMEONE… Don’t just sit passively by and let these people take our rights away and steal our votes… That is all we have is a voice and a vote---USE YOUR RESOURCES…