Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Memo to MoveOn.org: Move on!

From The Washington Times:

"A liberal tax-exempt organization that raised millions of dollars to try to defeat President Bush has begun a petition and fund-raising campaign questioning the legitimacy of his Nov. 2 victory. MoveOn.org, which says it has 2.3 million members, is asking for signatures and cash to challenge through an "Investigate the Vote" campaign whether voters "were wrongly prevented from voting" and whether legitimate votes were "miscounted or not counted at all." The organization, which received significant financial help from billionaire currency trader George Soros, who spent millions to defeat Mr. Bush, is looking to present petitions to members of Congress to demand an investigation into "the integrity of the voting process" during the November elections. "

You want to blow your money, go right ahead. You're free to do so. Really. G'ahead.

But guess what, you still don't get it & , at the rate you're going, you never will.

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