Saturday, November 27, 2004

The only good Che...

Burlington Coat Factory's idiotic holiday ad campaign in Time magazine features baby
onesies with photos of communist revolutionary & mass murderer, Che Guevara, on the front.

As a result of this poor judgement call, well-intentioned people are calling for a boycott of Burlington Coat Factory on December 4th, 2004.

Boycott, if you want, but remember:

A boycott will hurt BCF stockholders who probably didn't approve of or even know about this particular clothing line.

A boycott will hurt other clothing lines sold at BCF who don't make "chic" fashion statements with the likes of bloody killers.

The BLOG believes the proper response is for people not to buy this CRUD! Leave it on the shelves. Walk on by & spend your money on something else.

That way, only the leftist BCF buyer who ordered this odious merchandise line will suffer & not the innocents who had nothing to do with the decision to market mass murder by glorifying a failed revolutionary as icon.

It has been my experience that most supporters of el Che don't have a good handle on the study of history, because if they did, they would realize the lunacy of their actions & similar to wearing a UBL shirt today. It is a mistake to glorify the perverted ideation of these men & the deaths & suferring it has caused in the world.

However, if you must have a Che shirt, The BLOG recommends one like this:

...a dead Che is the best Che.

[The BLOG wants to thank and for bringing the whole thing to our attention]