Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Joke's On Kerry

Our troops drop a "smart bomb" on Kerry.

But you'd have a hard time finding it because the liberal press is in full Dems protection mode. This wonderful photo didn't make the pages of the N.Y. Times, or the Boston Globe, the Washington Times, or any major newspaper, except for the New York Post that printed it on the cover.

Despite all the help from his liberal pals in the MSM, the botched joke explanation & non-apology won't absolve Kerry. His history of ridiculous charges against our military, now some from 1972, stands alone and reveals his true self, namely that of an unpatriotic fool.

And Kerry is not alone. The liberals have an anti-military bias that predisposes them to be soft on terror and soft on defense.

Remember this when you vote on Tuesday.

[The BLOG note: photo credit to the Drudge Report]


cube said...

BTW click on photo to enlarge.

Brooke said...

Go troops! Isn't that fantastic? I hope Kerry saw it and threw the temper tantrum that you know he would!

cube said...

Oh, I'd love to be a fly on the wall to see that empty-suit bellowing pompously about how they can't do this to him, he's john kerry!

nanc said...

i just loved it when imus told him to shut up yesterday and go ride his bike - well that would entail him removing his head from the dark place now, wouldn't it?

wonder who wrote that phony apology of's not surprising their party mascot is an arse!

i don't believe he'll ever recover from this - i'm afraid it will take his own personal chappaquidick before people in the dhimmiwittedcrat party forgive him...

Lord, forgive me.

cube said...

nanc: despite all the help from the libbies, Kerry has shot himself in the foot, but this is bigger than Kerry. He is the face of the democratic party. Their anti-military bias makes them all soft on terror and soft on defense.

FreeCyprus said...

Love that picture! least many of the Democrats realized what terrible PR that comment was and seems that most of them encouraged him to apologize, even Hillary.

Elmer's Brother said...

you have to admit it was political hari kari

cube said...

elmer's bro: heh heh, hari kiri or harried kerry? ;-)

birdwoman said...

You know, the Inquirer (philly) had 4 stories front page (actually 2 stories front page, 2 linked from front page) yesterday about this - all saying Kerry gaffe, etc, but NEVER SAYING WHAT HE ACTUALLY SAID. I had to go to the web to find out what he said.

Now, why would they have all these stories saying "joke gone bad" "republicans take advantage of kerry gaffe" but never reveal what the jerk said?

can you think of why? I'm stumped!
(why oh why do I continue to subscribe?!)

cube said...

bw: it is obvious that they are putting the best possible spin on Kerry's remarks, hoping that it will go away because the remark is very insulting to the troops.

The truth is Kerry and the liberal left have had an anti-military bias since Vietnam and it makes them soft on defense and fighting terror.

This is why I find them so scary and why the moslems are pushing for a democratic victory.