Saturday, November 18, 2006

Meteor Showers

Don't forget to watch for the Leonid meteor showers tonight. If forecasters are correct, the outburst will peak at 11:45 p.m. Saturday.

For more info, visit .


Jamie Dawn said...

I didn't even know about the meteor showers. I'll look for them tonight.

Long time no visit! It's good to stop by again and check in on your posts. I'm still on a posting break. We are moving in to our house over the Thanksgiving weekend, and my college semester ends on Dec. 11th.
After I'm settled, I will start posting and blogging consistently.

The OJ crap is unbelievable!! That man has no shame!
His poor kids hardly have a chance at anything normal in life. I can't imagine their sad situation. Inside they must know their dad killed their mom. Hitonious for sure!!

A stunned John Kerry is okay by me. I know Kerry enough to know that he will try to insert himself into the run for the presidency once again. He will crash and burn, but he will give it another try. He is a trainwreck waiting to happen, and I am ready to stand by and watch it all unfold. :)

I hope this note finds you doing well. Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday. Eat a lot and feel no guilt!!

LuckySnap said...

Thanks for the reminder! I am excited to see it. I heard from the weather guy on the news that you should see about 25-30 per hour. Hope the weather is clear!

cube said...

I enjoy being the geeky news messenger. Somebody has to do it, it might as well be me.

Here's to clear skies and some warm gear. It's supposed to be 49 degrees tonight! I don't know about you, but 49 degrees is downright cold for us Floridians.
I hope I don't freeze my hot-blooded butt off tonight ;-)

j.d.: hey, it's good to hear from you!

Nancyrowina said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my pumpkin, I'm glad someone else liked it :).

Sadly I'm in England so I don't expect we'll be seeing any meteor showers.

Shover Robot said...

Just not sure I can stay awake that long, and yeah kind of cold for me too to be standing out there.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey did u get a chance to catch it cube?..:)

cube said...

I fell asleep! My husband and oldest daughter watched, but they didn't see a single one... so I don't feel so bad for missing it this year.

Some years you see too many to count, and other years, not so much. You just never know.

Brooke said...

It was too overcast to see anything in my neck of the woods, dangit!

Steve Harkonnen said...

The lights were far too bright at Best Buy that night.

To further explain why I missed the astronomy event of the year, you'd have to visit my blog about the Nintendo Wii.

Nancyrowina said...

Yes Sindy is the British version of Barbie, the one on my blog is what the doll looked like in the 80's, they are the type I collect. Nowadays she looks a lot more like Barbie.

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