Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry Kerfuffle

John Kerry opens mouth and promptly inserts foot.

The latest Kerry faux pas is BIG news, especially when the midterm election is so close. You'd think it would be front page news, right?

Wrong. It depends on which paper you read.

The New York Times put it on page 18, and then, 15 paragraphs into the story!

Sheesh! No wonder their readership is way down.


cube said...

Listening to Laura Ingraham & I'm hearing examples of how the MSM is trying to minimize the fallout from Kerry's offensive remarks.

No surprise there.

WomanHonorThyself said...

OMG least he's front and center in our Blogworld!..ha!

Station Agent said...

Kerry's remarks we're no big deal. This is just the new distratcion of the day.

It ain't working.

And believe me, liberals hate Kerry worse than you people do, you can have him, but this story is crap.

cube said...

station agent: yeah, that's why they picked him as their candidate in 2004.

cube said...

I didn't watch it, but CNN had a segment on last night entitled, "What Kerry Meant."

Carrying Kerry's water is very hard work & entailing long hours.

Brooke said...

HAHAHAHA! That pic of Kerry is tooooo funny!

Liberals hate Kerry? Since when, yesterday? HA! Is that why he keeps getting re-elected, and as Cube said, even ran for President?

Or perhaps Liberals cannot tolerate failure! He is obviously that!

The Kerry story getting buried by the NYT and CNN apologizing for him, despite his refusal to do so just speaks once again to the political agenda in the MSM.

cube said...

brooke: the liberals are breaking a leg running away from Kerry all of a sudden because they smell a win on Tuesday, and Kerry is a LOSER.

nanc said...

yup - he's quite the party favor now - THE REPUBLICAN PARTY FAVOR!

lovin' every minute of it!

go catch the latest great photo of our troops in iraq regarding this hoofnmouth incident! priceless.

Caz said...

nanc - where can the pic be found?

nanc said...

it was at the front page of drudge and it's been on fox a few times this evening.

cube said...

Tell me about it. I tried to post it but BLOGGER wouldn't let me. What is up with BLOGGER lately. They've been a bug a minute.

Brooke said...

True, true... I hope it's just the Beta conversion, and temporary!

cube said...

I have a feeling that all of our blogs will be assimilated into BETA soon. Resistance is futile.

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