Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Outlander Kerry

From the New York Post comes Out Of The Picture where Ian Bishop writes, "Foot-in-mouth former presidential candidate John Kerry yesterday appeared stunned to find himself left in the dust by the party's top new power players, whose leaders include Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY)".

Stunned is the word for the look on Kerry's face. Click on the photo for a laugh.


cube said...


Brooke said...


Why won't the cool kids let me sit with them at lunch anymore?


Shover Robot said...

awww poor John Kerry



cube said...

I know. Screw him.

I heard on Imus that there is film of this. Kerry was walking behind
the group when Schumer turned & said something to him. Kerry stopped cold, while the others continued down the corridor Bonanza-style.

Caz said...

Oh dear. It's so much worse when the cool kids TELL you to go away, rather than accidentally leaving you behind.

Wonder why he is surprised though. Even he must be aware of the smell by now.

cube said...

caz: I believe Kerry really thinks his s**t doesn't stink.

I can hear him bellowing, "I'm John Kerry. Reporting for doody!" ;-)

jgm said...

They're like the Mod Squad, and they won't let Kerry join.