Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Simpson Saga

No, not OJ!

For obvious reasons, I'm not going to spend time on O.J.Simpson's latest "iffy" statements. This post will cover his understandably troubled daughter, 20 year-old Sydney Brooke Simpson.

I first posted about Sidney's 2005 arrest in Tsk, Tsk, Syndey and since then, the words "Sydney Brooke Simpson" have brought The BLOG more hits than any other search words.

Amazing, but true.

Hit hog that I am, I'm posting this update:

Sydney Brooke Simpson has been charged to 50 hours of community service for swearing at police officers to stop a fight outside a basketball game at her prep school and slapping a cop's hand during the arrest.

Tsk, tsk, Sydney.

Now, bring on the hits.


WomanHonorThyself said...

I feel so sorry for those kids..sigh

cube said...

Imagine having that creep for a dad? There's no way they can think he's not guilty.

Brooke said...

Bad temper, and a blatant disrespect for cops?

The apple didn't fall far from the tree, did it?

cube said...

I can't believe how many hits this girl's name generates. I guess the whole world has a morbid fascination with this case.

Amie Lee said...

Seeing that she had a father like that... Who can blame her? Upbringing is very important.

Caz said...

Bit strange, I would not have been able to remember her name, even with helpful hints, and would have no idea what she gets up to now that she's an adult. I wouldn't have thought there would be much information out there about her - a few crumbs, perhaps.

So, do you reckon her brother elicites the same level of morbid fascination? (Can't remember his name either.)

Rough deal for them: mum murdered when they were young; dad the most brazenly guilty, yet free, murderer in all of history. That would mess with most minds, I think. His latest exploits are too sick to comprehend; but then, so were the murders. One man's jealous rage; one man's continuing smug and boastful deceipt at being free, instead of being where he belongs.

cube said...

caz: it's just inexplicable to me why so many people from diverse places would even remember her name much less be motivated to google the exact words "sydney brooke simpson".

All I know about the boy is that he's a big athlete at his school.

eyesallaround said...

WOW, does she ever look like her dad!

cube said...

eyes: fate can be cruel. I wonder if her brother favors Nicole.

jgm said...

WomanHonorThyself said it. Those poor kids. (And I just came over to see if your Friday cat was up yet.)

nanc said...

i've been testing your theory, but i don't fully know how the site meter works so don't know if it's working.

cube said...

nanc: From who's on, click on detail and it will often list the search words used to arrive at your site. Sidney Brooke Simpson is the phrase most used to arrive at my site. The second most searched phrase on my site is dell fire. Go figure.

Jen said...

Honestly, she's turning out way better than I'd have thought she would. If anyone deserves to be total train wreck, she does!

cube said...

jem: these are kids who have the deck stacked against them, but they must me taught that they can overcome hardships. Too bad OJ is their father & primary teacher.

Anonymous said...

eyesallaround said it first, but, man, she looks *disturbingly* like her dad.

Anonymous said...

Not really, I disagree. I think she looks like both!

Kat said...

Nobody has any idea what these children have been through. Just IMAGINE for one second the world that they knew as small children was turned into a media circus while they slept. I can only Pray that they did get some counseling, but even that cannot change what happened to their beloved Mom...and we have no idea of what kind of taunting and teasing that they had to endure growing up with their mother's "alleged" (cough,cough) killer. I'm sure as adults that they KNOW the facts...AND the cherry on top?...O.J. just keeps f*cking up. Look at him now..."THE BOOK" uuugghh!, and now this Vegas situation. AND he still keeps running his smug mouth! Pray for Sydney, Justin and the whole Brown family.

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