Thursday, October 11, 2007

Check out this really cool Fully Interactive Periodic Table Of Elements

I really could've used this when I was taking all those chemistry courses in college.

The rest of the post requires a **Warning**

**Geek Alert**

Don't Click Here Unless You're Really Geeky And Will Enjoy Listening To The Element Song

You've been warned.


cube said...

No chem geek takers?

birdwoman said...

totally a chem geek taker. My brother sent me a different one, too.

Hey, you know, I was studying ye ole PT in class the other night and realized IT'S CHANGED since I left grad school 10 years ago. ! Like, whole elements are gone *poof*

I feel so out of touch.


nanc said...

there's a chem geek in this house - always testing THAT means...


i think it's gold?

cube said...

bw: which ones went poof?

cube said...

nanc: yes, au = gold, from the Latin aurum.

Caz said...

Definitely pretty cool.

Learning is much more fun these days.