Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gas Mask Scare

Annie Lennox, my favorite singer, is in the news again...

Gas-masked Man Spooks Annie Lennox At Boulder Concert

I read this and thought about my blog buddies who have taken to wearing gas masks lately. You know who you are... ;-)

Apparently, LaLennoxa was in the middle of a song when she saw the caped, gas-mask wearing invader walking her way, and she threw down the mike and ran backstage.

Hasn't she ever seen Star Wars?

[The BLOG note: When I first posted the link, no registration was required to view the article. That has changed. You can read Annie's blog entry about the incident at ]


cube said...

I'd pay money to see that video.

BeckEye said...

As they say here on the subway, "If you see something, say something." Maybe Annie could've warned everyone in the audience that there was a crazy gas-masked guy in the audience before running offstage.

cube said...

Good point. I guess she thought she was the target.

My question is why was the weirdo allowed into the concert hall in the first place. A cape, platform shoes, and a gas mask are fashion don'ts by any standards.

birdwoman said...

she's lost me since an interview I saw about her new album and how we're all being misguided and forced into war and how evil our leaders are.


cube said...

bw: You mean the new CD, "Songs of Mass Destruction"? The title gave me a slight inkling about politics.

Yeah I've known she was a liberal twit since the late 1980's. She hasn't turned me into a liberal yet, so I figure it's safe to listen to her subversive music.

Jamie Dawn said...

Funny. I always thought she was a tough broad.
I guess not.