Monday, October 08, 2007


Clinton Gets Snippy With Iowan Over Iran


Off with his impudent head!


cube said...

Shrillary's campaign confirms that Sandy Berger is an "unpaid advisor".

O-kay. I musn't question the queen's judgement. I musn't question the queen's judgement.

hee hee.

Let her campaign implode.

Anonymous said...


You musn't indeed question the queen. And that is the angle.

The swoon will resume in her favor. The secret is that the venom directed against GWB is to be contrasted to a pin drop quiet in respect to her so that the masses will no longer hear, see, or feel the constant criticism and treason that is presently directed at the president.

Then when polled by the very media sources they watch, read and hear, they will say her highness' administration is even better than the god emperor's was; for the same reason! There won't be any complaints because the whole MSM structure is in her corner.

If you only watch, read, listen to msm sources, all you hear is criticism of Bush- that does not occur on Clinton media. Thus since any rational media is tailored to the center ( the FOX news mantra is just crap-They have more liberals on FOX than all the other networks, combined, have conservatives! Do the math, you'll see), and thus is largely ignored by the parasite masses, they will hear only minimal criticism directed at HRH Hillary and thus will poll glowingly in her favor.

But there is no media bias in favor of the Libtards- for the same reason advertising is free and isn't effective!

Someone once said the jack boot best fits the left foot.

Happy anniversary to The Blog.


nanc said...

maybe he and i will be roommates in the gulag...

cube said...

QQ: Wise words indeed, especially the part about the jack boot on the left foot. That's an inspired quote!

Let's hope Shrill Hill's campaign implodes before she gets her hooks into the country again.

nanc: We'll be one big unhappy gulag family if the PIAPS gets elected.

birdwoman said...

she and Bill are on the cover of the Economist this week. I swear, she looks crosseyed in the pic. I think they did it on purpose.


cube said...

bw: Haven't seen it. I may have to look it up.

Jamie Dawn said...

People need to learn that Hillary must NOT be asked tough questions. She is above that kind of harsh treatment and must ONLY be asked easy, nonchallenging questions.