Friday, June 13, 2008

Legal Hazards

President Kennedy

Yep, you guessed it... the gang of liberals who couldn't think straight.



Z said...
I took your article and thank you at my site, cube! GREAT find, I hadn't seen it and it's so important people read it.
I woke up thinking about the SCOTUS decision and realize I'm a little fearful about this...something's changed in this country MUCH more than 'just' this decision because this decision couldn't have been made otherwise. It says so very, very much more about what's happening here. I do feel scared, I have to admit.

Shover Robot said...

Unfortunately, That's what is now going to happen thousands of Americans are going to die and these Liberals don't care!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

how disgraceful this is Cube!!!!

nanc said...

if the wrong person gets into office this time, look for more of the same - just as soon as three or four of them retire the day after inauguration. mark my words.

o.t. - CUBE! we got a little tortoise shell colored girl kitty for clawed mewnet - yup, you guessed it - her name is mewna lisa! clawedy doesn't know what to think of her - but he's being very attentive. she's five weeks old.

cube said...

Z: I hear you. I'm quite apprehensive about the upcoming SCOTUS decision on the 2nd Amendment.

shover: It sure does look like the libs don't care what this decision will do to our ability to wage the war against islamofacists.

wht: very disturbing.

nanc: I think there are several justices, maybe more, who are just hanging on until a democrat admin. gets elected because they don't want to allow Bush any more appointees.

Oh, 5 weeks old and a tortie to boot! Sounds like you're on your way to being quite the cat fancier. One more and you'll qualify as a crazy cat lady ;-)


nanc said...

shhhhhhhhhhh...i think i have pop talked into taking her brother who looks just like clawedy!

Anonymous said...

Another stunning finding by the 4 justices who can't find their a__es with both hands hitched up to one who ought to know better.

I'm sure they will all have profound platitudes to utter when the inevitable disaster follows this monstrous decision.

And after all don't platitudes mean everything today: Re. Obama 08!

Lock and Load cube. The marines kick their a__es over there and dumba__ judges help them over here.

Got ammo?


The Phoenix said...

The friend of your enemy is your enemy...

cube said...

nanc: You ARE a crazy cat lady, but I still love you!!!

QQ: You are right. We must gird our collective loins over the platitudes that are coming. This is most definitely a bad decision that needs an endaround.

phoenix: lol! Maybe, maybe not. These are interesting times indeed.

BTW good to hear from you again!

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