Tuesday, June 17, 2008


In the wake of Tim Russert's recent death, the folks at Olbermann Watch discuss the long, but worthy piece by Peter Boyer in The New Yorker One Angry Man: Is Keith Olbermann Changing TV News?

Certainly, this is not a change for good.


The Phoenix said...

He's a whack-job that caters to the far Left.

Plus, he's used O'Reilly's popularity to increase his audience.

What a baffoon.

nanc said...

God forgive me, but hopefully he'll stroke out before long.


cube said...

phoenix: O'Reilly couldn't hold back. The relentless attacks by KO got to him.

I think comparisons between the two are unfair because O'Reilly, although opinionated, attempts to
be fair. Olbermann doesn't even try.

cube said...

nanc: All kidding aside, I think KO has mental problems.

Now that Russert died, they're entertaining the idea of having Chris "Spitball" Matthews the Meet the Press gig.

I don't know who's running NBC, but I'm beginning to think there's Koolaid in the water.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it will be Mathews who takes over at MTP. It is possible but as he already hosts a weeksend show that makes money, NBC may be loath to pulling him off one show and risk him ruining the brand at Meet the Press. In spite of the encomia for Russert the fact is he was a partisan. While he was able to seem like he was playing it straight he was a participant in the leftward course at NBC as well as Msnbc.

So, though he seems to have been a genuinely decent man, his efforts were in full service to the democrats. He was just polite about it.

Mathews gets offended whenever anyone questions his objectivity. He is an opinon guy but he bristles when people suggest he's biased! Go figure.

As I said he might be the new guy but you gotta wonder, in a nation of 295 million people, why is he even being discussed for the job?

Oh yeah, Olbie- you still haven't told me the name of the Peter Finch character in 'Network'. I keep waiting for the black liberation army dude to stand up and grease olbie one night.

Hey a guy can dream right.


Steve Harkonnen said...

Rumor has it that Olbermann is really Waldo of "Where's Waldo" fame; apparently, someone found him. I also heard that Freddie Krueger is suing Oblermann over a sweater.

cube said...

QQ: Matthew's show is a bottom feeder in the ratings war and is most certainly not at the top. I think the Koolaid drinkers in charge of NBC just might decide he is the perfect choice to run Meet The Press.

It's all about the Koolaid!

cube said...

steve h.: I think it's just a coincidentally superficial appearance. The real Walso is a much more complex, intellectual individual.

Darrell said...

Oh dear LORD I hope they don't give "Meet The Press" to Matthews. They might as well give the show to James Carvelle.

cube said...

I just wead that Tom Bwokaw is going to modewate Meet The Pwess until the 2008 ewection.

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