Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Subsidized Hate

The Trinity United Church of Christ Talking Points By Reverend Wright contain words such as "oppressors" and "colonizers", and how Eurocentrism assumes their superiority and the inferiority of everyone else, whereas African-centered thought does not... yada, yada, yada.

Obama's Church Has Received $15 Million In Federal Grant Money

Man, I sure wish this oppressor's tax dollars were better spent. Where is the IRS when you need it?



Shover Robot said...

Thought I heard the IRS is looking into this church when the story first broke about Reverend Wright.

Unfortunately, when the IRS does they've never stopped any funding from these churches.

So another waste of our tax dollars!

Brooke said...


If this idiotic 'church' believed what they say, they've just made themselves Judas with the thirty silver coins.

cube said...

shover: They should lose their tax-exempt status, at the very least.

brooke: There are hateful lies being preached in that church even without the presence of Rev. Wright. The flaw lies in the basic tenets of black liberation theology itself.

cube said...

I just hear that Rev. Wright has decided not to quit the church. I foresee further problems for Obama over that.

Caz said...

Ah, the imperialist asshole white oppressor: can't live without their money, can't take enough of it.

I guess we'll just have to think of it is gov't funded free speech.

cube said...

caz: Therein lies the rub. Government shouldn't be funding political hate speech.

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