Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dead Plastic Surgery

Not only are the living overdoing plastic surgery, now the dead are getting into the act too...

Plastic Surgery For The Dead

I thought this was a joke at first, but it's real.

What a world.


nanc said...

vanities...all is vanities

and to think we become worm food.

Ananda girl said...

I am mortified!

commoncents said...

Nice post!

Would you like a link exchange with my blog COMMON CENTS where we blog about the issues of the day??

jan said...

We used to say, "Live hard, die young and look good in your grave." Good to know we don't have to do the first two.

Jamie Dawn said...

Ha, ha, ha.. the title said Everyone is Dying to Get It.
Funny and very, very disturbing!!
Apparently, vanity knows no bounds.

Brooke said...


YOU LOOK LIKE A CORPSE, be it a wrinkly one or not.


sue said...

Me, I plan to have a closed casket.

Chuck said...


Jill said...

Yikes! And to think I used to snicker at people who viewed the body and said "doesn't she look lifelike". Not for me.

Jen said...

No thanks, I'll just flush my money down the toilet...

Always On Watch said...

I recently read the book Grave Matters. Check out the process of embalming; you may not opt for it for yourself or a loved one.

Plastic surgery for the dead is another money maker and more fleecing of the consumer -- in this case, whoever is paying for the funeral.

cube said...

nanc: Really, why worry about feeding the worms something that's been surgically altered?

Ananda girl: lol.

Commoncents: Nice comment!

Would you like a link exchange with my blog The BLOG where we blog about the issues of the day??

Jan: Me, I don't want to look young in my grave. I want to look old because I am old as dirt.

Jamie Dawn: Vanity beyond the grave is pretty vain.

cube said...

Brooke: There you go. That's how I feel about it. Who are you trying to impress when you're dead? Sheesh.

sue: I haven't decided my final disposition yet, but it surely will not involve plastic surgery.

Chuck: Right. This is very creepy.

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