Sunday, March 01, 2009

Octomom Special

Found this at

Octomom Before And After Plastic Surgery

I think she should've left well enough alone.

Hey, did you hear that Denny's is running an Octomom breakfast special...

Eight eggs, no sausage, and the person next to you has to pay for it


Papa Frank said...

I almost fell out of my chair from laughing there, Cube. I'll definitely be spreading that joke around at work tomorrow.

jan said...

I think she looks like some sort of shadow of a person now.

US Weekly (OK, the supermarket line moved too fast and i had to buy it) has another shot of her before that isn't nearly that flattering.

The joke is sort of funny--I'm one of the ones paying.

Caz said...

Hee, hee, good joke.

Sympathies to Jan. Maybe ask for a rebate on your taxes: "please excuse me from paying for Octo-Mum's next plastic surgeries".

gecko said...

Great joke! There sure are some clever people out there.
I'm just pleased I don't have to help pay!

John Rogers said...

that's a good joke.

btw, I now love snow.


cube said...

Papa Frank: Feel free to pass it on. When I first heard it from Mr. Cube, I thought it was a hoot.

jan: I can't figure out this woman beyond her obvious need for attention.

dmarks said...

I found a picture of how she will look after her next round of plastic surgery.

cube said...

Caz: Sympathies to me, as well. I'll make sure to request that rebate for myself.

gecko: Lucky duck, er, gecko ;-)

john rogers: Glad you liked it.

dmarks: lol!

Ananda girl said...

Yes, I agree... she should have stayed home. Yeesh.

Thanks for the giggle!

Jen said...

Grrrr, she bugs!

I saw one blogger that said she'd obviously had plastic surgery on her lips, unless her dad was Daffy Duck. Another called her a "huma clowncar." Hee hee!

I have soooooooo many problems with her. I don't even know where to start.

I can't believe I would ever say this after the CPS horror I saw a few years back (not us) but I hope she loses those kids. Otherwise, I fear they don't have a chance...

dmarks said...

Dennis Miller was the one who said that "That's supposed to be a womb, not a clown car!"

Uncivil said...

Loved the joke! That says it all! Can't wait to use it at my local breakfast hangout!!!!!

cube said...

Ananda girl: Glad you liked it.

Jen: This woman is a train wreck,
and I feel sorry for the children.
Only a hack doctor would agree to this procedure and steps should be taken that this never happens again.

dmarks: lol! That's the best comment so far. Miller is spot on.

Uncivil: Glad you liked it. Pass it on.

birdwoman said...

ACK! My husband logged onto blogger and saved his credentials. Bad man. John rogers is me. (*)>

Gifted Typist said...