Friday, March 06, 2009

Rush To Judgement

You know, articles slamming Rush Limbaugh have become routine, just a matter of course for the MSM and Tim Egan of the NY Times doesn't pull any ad hominem punches...

Fears Of A Clown

Again, no surprise. I wouldn't expect a liberal like Tim Egan to write about Rush in glowing terms.

What is surprising is the number of republicans who have jumped aboard the take-a-dump on Rush bandwagon lately.

I don't know about you, but I don't want the democrats telling me who is or who is not the face of the GOP. That's for us to decide, not them.

I'll tell you who I don't want that face to be... the likes of Susan Collins, Olympia Snow, Arlen Specter, et al..

Rush may be a bit of a blowhard at times, but he speaks up for conservative principles and he reaches a large audience. We'd be foolish to marginalize such a powerful force for conservativism because some MSM article tells us Rush doesn't poll highly with young Obama voters.

Rush has instigated a media furor with BO and some members of his administration lately and I'm inclined think he must be hitting a liberal nerve, otherwise why would they bother answering, much less bickering, with a radio show host?

Me, I'm glad Rush is on my side.


dmarks said...

I have his program on now, and will comment that the "Banking Queen" song is on as I type. This one is truly awful. Shanklin has some great ones under his belt. But this one is so badly done.

cube said...

I would agree that the premise of "Banking Queen" is better in the inception stage than in the actual execution. Paul has done better work.

Ananda girl said...

Everyone needs a protagonist and an antagonist. It's a balance thing. Rush and I are not often in agreement. I am not left or right. I try to stay sane in the middle.

cube said...

Ananda girl: We're all trying to remain sane in these insane times, so I can relate to that.

I make no secret that I am a conservative and my blog reflects my point of view.

I am also eternally willing to engage in civilized debate with those of any political persuasion so please don't feel out of place here.

Z said...

Cube, it's pretty clear that the obama people can't take any criticism..ANY criticism, which I think's scary. When we all consider what Bush went through, the cruel comments, etc., and he NEVER NEVER RESPONDED! Remember the DIXIE CHICKS slam overseas!?? "That's their right.." is all Bush said.
Enter Obama, the Messi-duh, and OH, man...Gibbs is the attack dog who can BARELY restrain his hatred and disgust for anything non LIberal....he slammed lefty Cramer from CNBC so badly because he DARED criticize the stimulus package ..he even went into Cramer's past "He hasn't been right for years!" I mean they will CRUCIFY you.
They're Joe the Plumber'ing everyone....
Funny, I'm hearing Scarlett's mammy now..."it ain't fittin', it just ain't FITTIN'"
They have to grow up and realize White Houses are supposed to exhibit dignity. So far, Nada.

Nice welcome to Ananda girl, you know at least one blogger's left 2 messages about my keeping Ducky around(my lefty troll, YOU know)...?!! and stopped commenting, too? WHY? The last thing I want for my site is a Conservative Echo Chamber, right? Have a great weekend...hope to see you around!

birdwoman said...

they are just getting him better ratings, is all. It's all a media plot.


cube said...

Z: I'd never stoop to shutting down debate at my site which is why I especially detest the White House perpetrating censorship of any viewpoint that doesn't agree with theirs.

birdwoman: Rush already has great ratings. Why would the White House be trying to increase them even higher? Trust me, this is a half-brained plot to hurt Rush that will only result in helping him in the long run.

jan said...

It seems like every attempt to discredit him has brought him more listeners and made his regular listeners more loyal and protective.

cube said...

Jan: So true. I'm not worried about Rush. He can take care of himself.

I'm more worried about the spineless republicans who don't know how to stand up to the unrelenting media onslaught.

Ananda girl said...

Thank you cube... and I feel the same, others may always offer their opinions and get respect, if not agreement. And hey... takes all kinds and the variety is what makes it interesting.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing that compares with the elasticity of toleration among liberals.

They attempt to steal the 2000 election from W by employing their targeted ACORN strategy in any close precincts and, when they failed, proceeded to not only speak out against the Bush administration but to actively work with our enemies.

Conflation of embarassing but minor criminal acts like Abu Graib, bureaucratic and local government failings like Katrina and active cheerleading of Al Queda in Iraq, as well as defeatist pronouncements designed to strengthen the insurgency, is all defined by liberals as the sine qua non of patriotism.

Yet, let a private citizen say he wants the least qualified, most monumentaly incompetent, mendacious, socialist devotee, to fail in his goal of creating a permanent communist train wreck in our once great nation, and this constitutes "crossing the line".

Obama has taken a nightmare and turned it into a catastrophe. He is the classic affirmative action, "feel good" employee, so far out of his depth that abject failure becomes an optimist's pipe dream.

He needs bogeymen for the parasites that voted for him. It might work but it suggests desperation as any smart person knows the way to marginalize a harmless loon is to ignore them, a la Keith Olberman.

Obviously this administration is being found to have no clothes far sooner than they hoped: the other 52% need distraction to keep from seeing he's killing their finances even while they cheer for the demise of the "rich".

The "gay marriage or death" advocates, abortion lovers, carbon nazi's and other thieves who voted for him, defend the actions of Obama thus far.

One doesn't need to look far, or very hard, to see Stalin in the Obama cartoon.

Rush is not a perfect being but he isn't a craven coward like so many "moderate" republicans and I thank God there is someone standing in the way of the greatest fraud to ever occupy the whitehouse.


cube said...

Ananda girl: I concur.

QQ: Well stated. Bo is scamming his followers with an act of political prestidigitaion. Don't look at me and my failing ideas, look at the evil conservative.

mksviews said...

"What is surprising is the number of republicans who have jumped aboard the take-a-dump on Rush bandwagon lately."

Yeah, it's like shooting yourself in the ass, it's just stupid.

"I'm inclined think he must be hitting a liberal nerve..."

Me too, also the nerve of some so-called Conservatives.

Jamie Dawn said...

I think they are biting off more than they can chew when it comes to going after Rush. Rush is no dummy. He knows his message is on track, and his analysis of Obama is spot on. Let them draw attention to Rush, even if it's negative. I think many people will decide to check out this Rush guy, and who know??? Rush may end up with a lot more listeners due to the attention he's getting from The White House.
I think it would be smarter for the Dems and Obama to just ignore Rush and not make any public comments about him. But, they aren't into doing the smart thing lately. Common sense can't be found in The White House these days.

cube said...

mksviews: Shooting themselves in the ass sounds like an apt analogy to me.

J.D.: You're right. Not much common sense ccan be found at the
White House nowadays. I hope Obama voters are taking notes that while the economy is going down the drain there sure are lots of parties happening at the White House.

Anonymous said...

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