Monday, March 02, 2009

Ugly Bat Boy

This is my tortie cat, Kinky. Until recently, we thought she was a really ugly cat what with her kinky tail and less-than-pretty face markings -- believe me, this picture does her much justice.

Anyway, I just ran across a cat that makes Kinky look like a cat supermodel, but he's quite the sweetie...

'Ugly' Bald Cat Wins Fans At NH Vet Clinic: Feline's Unusual Appearance Captivates Vet Clients

Of course, we cat lovers know that looks are secondary to character and I can tell you that I've never had a cat who was more devoted to me than Kinky.

You go, ugly kitties!


Ananda girl said...

We used to have two cats with the same sort of coloring... and guess what we called them? "The Uglies"! Of course they are really beauties. (By the way, they died happily of old age at 22 and 20 years. Demon and Wizard were their single names.)

I think Ugly Bat Boy is very regal and wise looking.


WomanHonorThyself said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwww..thats all I have to say!

cube said...

Ananda girl: Wow, those were some long lived cats. They were lucky cats and you were lucky humans to have them so long.

Woman: :-)

Anonymous said...

That looks like MARPAT woodland camo on your tortie!

Very effective pattern for our young Devil Dogs (Marines).

Glad she's not bigger and stalking me as she'd be tough to find in the woods or shadows.

Also great she's a sweetie. What do the birds and squirrels have to say Cube?


cube said...

QQ: Kinky blends right in to the fall leaf fall, but I've not seen signs that she is an effective
hunter. Unlike most cats, she's not food-driven.

Pinky said...

I had a cat named Sabra that looked just like Kinky.
Sabra was awesome.

cube said...

Pinky: Your comment about your awesome Sabra brings about a feeling of solidarity over loving ugly cats that perhaps isn't valid, but that I feel nonetheless.

My Kinky is the most unique cat I've ever had and that's not limited to her looks. She follows me around every morning and reaches up to me to be picked up. We call this an oopa-kitty. Her devotion to me is decidedly dog-like and that's very unusual in a cat. She, too, is an awesome cat.

Brooke said...

That is one fugly cat.

Not yours.

Really, he's so ugly, he's cute.

cube said...

Brooke: I'm used to people thinking Kinky is ugly. When I first saw her, I thought she was some cat villain in Batman and the left side of her face had been burned in some acid attack. Really, the photo doesn't adequately convey the details of her face.

When meeting her for the first time, many people have asked, "What happened to your cat?"

Nothing. She's just weirdly asymmetrical, but we love her just the same.

Z said...

Man, that cat was REALLY REALLY ugly! Brooke..'fugly', that's funny!

Cube...just think, under obama maybe no vet would treat your cat because it's not beautiful enough?! heh.

Dedication is everything, isn't it? A sweet personality and unconditional love? OH, my...that does make a PRETTY CAT!

sue said...

cube - kinky is adorable

z - why is it impossible for you O-haters to address even the least of subjects without bringing your feelings about him into it.

BTW - I am relishing every moment of the movie W and it confirms what I had known about him all along.

gecko said...

Great camouflage! I think she's kinda cute.

nanc said...

mewna lisa is a tortie and also funny looking - she quivers and moves her lips to talk to me, but when i try to get her to do it for the rest of the family, she just sits there looking normal...shoulda named her mrs. ed, i suppose...

is your kinky a tiny cat?

ugly bat boy is some cat.

cube said...

Z: lol! Until Obama's Veterinany Eugenics Act takes effect, the vet loves taking my money.

Kinky is a rare cat from outward appearance and also from the stand point of behavior. She's not food motivated like most cats, but is dog-like in her devotion to me. It makes my family a little jealous, but I love it.

Sue: Thank you.

As far as W goes, why can't Hollywood make a movie without bringing their anti-Bush feelings about him into it?

Gecko: Sort of like she's so ugly, she's cute territory ;-)

cube said...

nanc: I've seen pictures of your cats and they look very much like our tortie and our tabby, Pepper.

Yes, Kinky is very small and rather frail looking, but she acts like the Queen of the house.

sue said...

cube - I guess the answer to that would be that liberals hate Bush for what he did to America as much as Conservatives hate Obama for what he is doing to America. Reciprocal feelings....Darn good movie.

cube said...

Sue: What was the state of your
401K during Bush's presidency? What was the unemployment rate? Where was the stock market? And all this after the greatest attack on American soil in the history of the USA.

I'm just saying I think BO needs to pick up the pace a bit.

sue said...

cube - As far as I can see O didn't cause the economic woes that
our country now has.

My biggest gripe with W is the Iraqi war.

mksviews said...

Good on ya Cube.