Friday, July 16, 2010

Health Food Czar?

You Won't Believe What Obama's Cooking Up Now: Family Chef Elevated To Post As 'Senior Policy Adviser'

*choke* The audacity never stops.

This list from American Daughter is dated 2009, but it is even longer:

The Compleat List Of Czars

We pay their salaries, yet have no say over their hiring or confirmation to these posts.

Galling, isn't it?


Teresa said...

This administration takes the cake! No more czars! They have been granted way, way too much control over our lives by this admin. Yes, the gall of this admin is enormous!

Chuck said...

The cartoon once again proves the funniest humor is that which is rooted in truth.

We are heading for a day of reckoning with most of job growth being in the government sector. One of these days there won't be anyone but themselves to pay their salaries.

Anonymous said...

He did it! He finally created a job!

cube said...

Teresa: And yet nary a word from the MSM. If, God forbid, BO was a republican, there would be non-stop lambasting and ridicule.

Insuring that we keep a free press willing to investigate and report executive wrongdoings is one of the best reasons to never vote for a democrat for president. Or any office, for that matter.

cube said...

Chuck: It would be funnier if the situation weren't so dire for our country. Once you grow government, there is no way to shrink it. There is no end in sight...

Trestin: lol. Yay! BO created some jobs in Korea too. Yay!

Karen K said...

Wow. How much longer are we going to put up with this???

Ananda girl said...

It grows like a weed!

Z said...

THIS IS REAL? We need a HEALTH FOOD CZAR? I swear, that makes me want to run to mcDonalds as FAST as I can and buy SIX BIG I had Mr. Z drive us straight to KFC when I heard Pamela Anderson was complaining about how they kill their chickens! (I swear)

TRESTIN! I'm laughing SO HARD..."He finally created a job!" GREAT!

Always On Watch said...

It's beyond galling.

This administration is, well, something else. It will continue to be something else as the msm will not report on all the madness going on.