Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ninny State

San Francisco Bans Coca-Cola, Mr. Pibb

I'm not sure if they're banning diet drinks too, but I'm positive they're still drinking the Koolaid.

Oh, yeaahh!!!!



WomanHonorThyself said...

haha love your line Cube!

Z said...

I saw MIKA on MSNBC mention how they're hoping to ban ALL SUGARY DRINKS and she was thrilled! That was right after another MSNBC 'journalist' told their audience that one of the things Obama will make sure netanyahu knows is "how we're they're best friend".
And they wonder why their numbers are in the tank? Talk about 'drinkin' the Koolaid', huh?
NINNY STATE, indeed.

cube said...

WomanHonorThyself: Glad you liked it.

Z: Mika is a typical democrat airhead.I watch Morning Joe just for laughs when Imus and Fox & Friends is on commercial.

One morning they were making fun of Sarah Palin's answer to the question of her favorite Founding Father (Washington) and airhead Mika said Lincoln was her favorite. I kid you not. Her idiot father was on the panel and he didn't say anything either.

Disney was wrong about the world. It's not small, it's crazy.

Karen K said...

Hey Cube!

Gotta love the Food Nazis, dontcha?

There seems to be plenty of Kool-Aid around San Fran, though...

Jan said...

Like all bans that I have ever experienced, I expect this one will have the opposite effect. Tell people what they can't have and guess what they want.

Gavin wants to be governor in a few years..spelled e-m-p-e-r-o-r.

Teresa said...

They sure are drinking the cool aid. This is ludicrous! Its all about power and control. These people are anti-choice!

crazy4coens said...

Well, this kinda makes me thirsty. Orange Fanta, anyone?

Z said...

Cube, I do the same..MSNBC when IMUS or Fox & Friends is on commercial and I get this all at 3 AM! (ya, I don't sleep well, so I'm glad to have company)
Lincoln is her favorite founding father, I am STILL laughing, thanks for that :-)

dmarks said...

If you don't like them, don't drink them. I don't favor such bans.

However, I do favor the smoking bans, because smokers routinely force others to smoke. But I've never seen a Coke drinker or a beer drinker force anyone to drink a thing.

(No problem with tobacco chewers, though).

birdwoman said...

what the heck? What the heck?? don't they make money off those vending contracts?? aren't they hemorrhaging money out there? and they're pffting income sources?

As far as health goes, who knows what diet drinks do, long term?



cube said...

Karen Howes: I don't like intrusive laws from the government. It just seems like the food-related ones are especially egrigious.

Jan: I hear ya. Bans are bad. And Gavin would an equally bad governor.

Teresa: Spot on. It's about their controlling every aspect of our lives, including the soda that we drink. It's crazy.

cube said...

Crazy4coens: I'm sure we're not the only ones who feel that way. It's human nature.

Z: Ah, a kindred spirit. I'm a night owl myself.

cube said...

dmarks: I agree. Smoking endangers people in the vicinity, but drinking soda doesn't harm anyone but the drinker. This is another case of the nanny state looking to control every aspect of our lives.

Birdwoman: These aren't business people who know how to run a business and make money. These are liberals who don't think about the consequences of their nutty edicts.

It won't take long before enterprising folks will start to sell banned soft drinks near the Court complex. Get your sugar here!

Anonymous said...

Good one!

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