Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Chicago Thuggery

Combative Obama Warns Supreme Court On Health Law

A not-so-thinly veiled threat to the unelected SCOTUS from the elected POTUS: "It's my way or the highway."

All are dispensable before The Won.


Always On Watch said...

I watched the video of Obama threatening SCOTUS last night. I was aghast. He was so far out of bounds of the separation of powers!

Make no mistake. He DID threaten SCOTUS.

This morning, I pulled myself together and posted on the topic.

Chuck said...

Court bites President.

Read this:


Brooke said...

This president has openly excoriated the SCOTUS in the SOTU Address, and now this?

He is probably praying for one of the conservative members to DIE, so he can appoint one of his own tools!

Leticia said...

That was no idle threat. I cannot believe the audacity of that despicable man.

He has shown nothing but reproach and hatred for this nation and has done everything that he can to dismantle this nation of freedom.

A word that seems to elude him. And yet, he still has blind followers.

silly rabbit said...

The man and I sat and watched him do that on TV. Neither of us could believe what we were hearing and had to watch it over. Incredible audacity!

DaBlade said...

Obama was a law professor who studied the constitution much like a safe cracker studies bank vaults in order to better understand how to circumvent it.

dmarks said...

Obama is quite simply asking the justices to violate the Constitution.

In making their Obamacare decision, they need to consider the law of the land. That's all. By asking them to consider other matters, Obama is asking them to violate their oath, even.

sue hanes said...

Come on - Cube.

Surely ya have a good Cat Blog Friday for this GOOD FRIDAY.

But even if ya don't - Cube - have a wonderful weekend with your family.

Teresa said...

Obama is a wannabe dictator. It is despicable the way he threatened SCOTUS.

Z said...

This, from a 'constitutional scholar'..
and dufus.
Happy Easter, Cube xx

sue hanes said...

Cube - Have a

HAPPY EASTER - with yer family -
including the pets.