Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Goodbye Discovery

Shuttle Discovery left Florida today for the last time...

Space Shuttle Discovery Lands At New Home Near DC



At April 17, 2012 5:47 PM, Blogger Jan said...

A dream has died and been up in a museum.

At April 17, 2012 8:53 PM, Blogger dmarks said...

Another nail in the coffin of the Space Age.

At April 17, 2012 10:52 PM, Blogger silly rabbit said...

My X and oldest son were fortunate enough to see Discovery in person as she landed once. Neither of them will ever forget it.

It is sad how our space programs have dwindled away. =:[

At April 18, 2012 8:25 AM, Blogger Granny Annie said...

Once magnificent beauties in flight now millions of dollars chunks of metal on display.

At April 18, 2012 8:36 AM, Blogger Brooke said...

I wish it could've come to WPAFB in Dayton, OH.

I also wish Obama hadn't destroyed NASA and turned it into a 'Muslim outreach' organization.

At April 18, 2012 9:24 AM, Blogger cube said...

Jan: Sadly, yes.

dmarks: The Space Age of the USA. Recently I read that one of our astronauts advised a child to learn Russian.

At April 18, 2012 9:27 AM, Blogger cube said...

Silly Rabbit: An unforgetable memory indeed. I have so many memories of watching the launches from my home, but I regret never having seen one in person.

At April 18, 2012 9:36 AM, Blogger cube said...

Granny Annie: It is sad. I watched countless launches from my home and followed their missions from start to finish.

We used to hear the sonic boom during reentry until Columbia's tragic mission when they redirected the flight path for all future flights.

At April 18, 2012 11:06 AM, Blogger cube said...

Brooke: I don't know who ultimately decided where the shuttles were going to retire to, but it would be nice to rotate every now and then so everyone can get a chance to see one.

At an air show years ago, we saw a B2 fly around and it was an amazing sight. It looked more like a giant black bat than a plane.

Don't get me started on Obama's toll on NASA. It nauseates me to see what's happened to our space program. We should've already had a base on the moon and working on going to Mars not playing footsie with moslems.

At April 18, 2012 11:41 AM, Blogger Brooke said...

Under Obama, we'll be lucky to get this.

At April 18, 2012 1:20 PM, Blogger dmarks said...

Brooke: Unfortunately on this, Bush gutted NASA and Obama just continued with the policy.

Just another example of Obama making Bush policies worse. Or in the case of bad Bush policies, he never offers any improvement, ever.

At April 18, 2012 6:46 PM, Blogger Always On Watch said...

Completely by chance -- I was stuck in a traffic jam on the Beltway while I was on my way to funeral yesterday -- I got to see the shuttle-on-piggyback fly over "just barely" over all of us sitting inert on the Beltway.

Quite a sight! It actually lifted my spirits on a sad day, the day commemorating the passing of one of the homeschool mothers in the group I teach.


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