Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lefty Intolerance

You Are Left Or You Are Left Behind: Lessons In Multicultural Cruelty

Intolerance from the left?

No way.



Leticia said...

How easily people can be swayed. I have lost several friends due to my "political views" but at this point in my life, I will stand up against being politically correct and stand on being biblically correct.

We cannot allow the Left to be an influence, I know I won't.

I am sorry that this person lost a friend, but it is a spiritual warfare and we must stand strong. The line has been drawn.

cube said...

I agree completely. I mean how close are you really to someone with whom you can't discuss politics with?

I think he's better off without this fair weather friend.

Jan said...

Poor deluded Sandra, but I agree that anyone would be better off without that sort of mind in his life.

Chuck said...

I don't see how this was really a friend.

Z said...

that's so so sad. I feel so sorry for him but she's certainly not a person worth having as a friend, is she.
I lost a very very close friend of 25 years over my conservative politics and my faith, neither of which I talked to her about much. But, a little was too much for her and we just stopped calling each other, etc...very suddenly, about 10 years ago.
It was very much for the reasons Press was dissed, too.

Still, I have to admit I have a hell of a time spending much time with ultra liberals. I don't look at them anymore as "just another political choice"...I look at them as "just a bunch of America wreckers".
Am I better than Sandra? maybe not.

Granny Annie said...

Now my friend you have to admit that the right is every bit as intolerant as the left. We're just a sorry bunch of crazy mixed up people in these United States especially during an election year. For someone to say, "I cannot approve of your politics and maintain my own personal integrity as a global citizen..." is the biggest problem of all. If only we all could truly agree to disagree because diversity is what has made this country.

dmarks said...

The views of the political left are by and large destructive and detrimental to a civilized, civil, and just society.

We'd all be a lot better off if these folks sat down and shut up, and never aired their illegitimate demands.

Then the adults in the room could dominate the political debate.

dmarks said...

Grannie said: "is the biggest problem of all. If only we all could truly agree to disagree because diversity is what has made this country."

No, that is not true at all. Good ideas are what made this country great.