Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

Godspeed to Discovery.

And Happy Fourth to everyone!


cube said...

Discovery had a successful launch at 2:37:55 EST on 7/4/06. The first ever launch on a July 4th in history.

How good is that?

Now, pass me a cold one, and bring on the fireworks.

BW said...

That launch has got to be the greated Forth of July rocket I have ever seen. Happy Fourth of July day. Happy Declaration of Independance Day. Happy FREEDOM day.

cube said...

bw: well said! This is the most spectacular firework I've ever seen on the 4th of July. And in the words of Dale Earnhardt Jr... "it don't get no better than that"

Happy Independance Day!

Brooke said...

No better! I was surprised and happy to see it go up.