Sunday, July 02, 2006

No Contact

Blogging during a holiday weekend is like being the last living cell in a dead body... a lonely endeavor.


Caz said...

Err, okay then, I'll keep you company. If you provide some munchies, I'll bring the drinks.

cube said...

How about nachos and some hot salsa & chips?

cube said...

Oh wait, you OZ folks like pie and chips, eh?

Spider Walk said...

Gee. I thought I was the only one who noticed!

Raggedy said...

Ahem. Some of us are right here with you. *grabs some nachos
*pie? did you say pie? what kind?
(=':'=) meow hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

Kathy said...

No cube! Not me anyway I just lurve nachos mate..... I'm also a chilli fanatic.The hotter the better. Guess it's my Italian heritage. So what time is the gig at your house?(That's provided I'm invited of course!) Caz will vouch for my bona fides won't you mate?

Caz said...

Oh goody, if Kathy comes we'll have enough drinks for EVERYONE! Yippee!

Hey, I did, in fact, have a pie for dinner. Yes, truly. :-)

Haven't had nachos for ages, sounds good to me.

cube said...

Spiderwalk: You're not alone.

Raggedy: I like all kinds, especially the fruit pies. How about strawberry?

kathy: Of course you're invited. BTW I make a tasty chili.

caz: pie for dinner? You must mean a savory pie as opposed to a sweet pie.

It's a party then! Um, what are we drinking?

Sar said...

Aw, Cube, even on vacation I'm here for you!

Sorry I've been neglectful in keeping up - miss you my fellow 47-ite. You would not believe the amount of 47 sightings I've had on this trip! These people just don't know what their missing. *sigh*

cube said...

sar: my long lost friend! I've seen a bunch of 47 sightings myself. If it's somthing in the news, I always wonder if you saw it too.

Brooke said...


Well... I'll bring the chocolate, anyway!

cube said...

brooke: The number 47 is the quintessential random number. You'd be surprised how often it pops up and in the most diverse places. The 47 Society has more info if you're interested.

Chocolate? Yay!