Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Niqab No Nos

spaghetti is one...

I imagine when Moslem women get home they must really pig out ;-)


rgmb said...

the best part of that video is the guy in the background trying to watch how they're going to manage the spaghetti without being obvious.

cube said...

The guy is a hoot. So is the video, but at the same time, it's utter madness.

eyesallaround said...

That's great! I linked to you for today's post. Great find! lmao..

rgmb said...

I totally agree. When we were in Niagara Falls I walked behind a Muslim family and the wife was dressed the same way. The husband and son walked ahead chatting away, dressed in shorts, t shirts, having a grand time. Mom walked behind, quiet, she had to be hot as heck and completely covered. It's so foreign to me I can't even begin to understand. It's like last year at a wave pool in Fla, there was a couple from India, he in his bathing suit, she in some sort of swim garb from neck to feet, scared to death of the water, she sat and cried because of her fear of the water, and he held her like a little baby. I want to shake these women and tell them to wake up, but I fear they're thinking the same of us.

nanc said...

for once, i am NEARLY speechless!

2Vamp said...

I laughed. I'm sorry, but I laughed.

And in that last part? Where the woma wipes the outside of her veil? lol. Hilarious!

cube said...

eyes: glad you liked it.

rgmb: I agree. The situation can't be more unfair. I'm surprised they even allow them to eat @ restaurants. No soup for you!

nanc: Oh my...that sounds serious.

2vamp: don't be sorry. I laughed too. These women need to be awakened. Perhaps if they see how ridiculous it is to hide from the world, they'll join it.

Brooke said...


Ya can't do much else BUT laugh! (The guy in the back was pretty good!)

Sometimes, I wonder why they just don't poison the men's food... It's not smart to oppress the person who singlehandedly feeds you/ does all your housework/ takes care of your kids, ect.

michele said...

They should all be slim and trim
at that rate.

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

To be honest, I don't know that these are Muslim women.

I think it more likely they are just following one of Cindy Sheehan's new trademarked fasting programs that she has found work well for her.

Jenn of the Jungle said...

I agree with Michele, that's quite the diet plan.

What is so disturbing about it, is that it's 2006!!!! Time to leave the dark ages behind folks.

(The guy, he was funny).

Jamie Dawn said...

It's a good thing black doesn't stain much.
It might be a good diet trick for me to wear one of those. I would be inclined to cheat though when faced with a scrumptous plate of spaghetti.

D.Daddio Al-Ozarka said...

Today's been a good day for humor starting with the Sheehan protien smoothie thingy!

This has kept me in the mood!


cube said...

Sheehan's fasting while eating diet plan... I think you are on to something here ;-)

Raggedy said...

It is a good thing they are not wearing white. Even so I am sure the sauce was all over the cloth.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) meow hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one
the varify word is really long....I'm not sure this comment will make it through this kind of security...lol nope...ha-ha, okay third times the charm right?

cube said...

raggedy: Your comment made it!
And you're right about the white, but even with the black, it's still filthy even though it doesn't show. I'd hate to have a dirty cloth around my face whatever the color.

WomanHonorThyself said...

O gosh!..I never even entertained the thought of how they actually EAT in public and spaghetti no less!..LOL
sad tho...heck that guy inna background ...too funny tho!..:)they should jus toss some popcorn under the veil..much easier dontcha think?..grinz

Always On Watch said...

I'm laughing so hard that the cats think I'm crazy.


cube said...

I think we should encourage a global "Pull Off Your Stupid Niqab/Birqa/Face Thingy" Day. When we change the women, the men will follow.

Jamie Dawn said...

I told my brother about this video.
It may be staged, who knows... it is still funny!

abhishek said...

This is not necessarily a forced practise. Read a Muslim girl's insider perspective on the niqab and hijab.

If the woman in question is having trouble eating her food, why should that bother you guys? It seems that people have nothing to do all day but poke fun at other people's choices. How does this woman affect any of you?

Every time you laugh at this video, remember that you alienate Muslims and attempt not to understand their perspective on life.

Anonymous said...

HI, this video is a comedy program called the the three non blondes.......they have imitated not only muslim women but nuns
as well.the whole program is suppose to shock and make you laugh despite it being RUDE!

its an offensive video clip be it a muslim women who dons the niqab or a Nun who chooses to don their religious outfit.

I am against the idea of making jokes of religious practices or religon, programs like the monty python and comdey stand ups on religon is not nice at all!!!
religion is sacred to many and if others beg to differ they should respect their views and keep QUIET!

I am a muslim woman and yes i wear that type of clothing i don't eat like that! if i choose to go to a restaurant there are many restaurants that are suitable for muslim women that are fully segregrated.

And if i choose to go on holiday there many beaches that are segregrated for muslim women to enjoy. A whole beach to ourselves!,
we are honoured in islam. We wear this clothing not for husbands, brothers,fathers, man or woman but Beacuse we are seeking the pleasure of our lord.

He commands the men and women to cover themselves to remain chaste until married. Women are precious in islam and are valued much more than any other women. Unlike christanity and other religions we do not believe she is cursed and Eve was not to blame rather adam and eve were both sinful at that time.

When the prophet (saw) came to mankind he liberated the women they
were given the right to divorce, they recieved inheritance and it was forbidden to kill daughters.Infact now in islam it is more rewarding to have 2 daughters who are pious rather than 2 sons.

I tolerate people's beliefs, customs, traditions the questions is do you?

Only ignorant people like yourself poke fun at a reglious custom that you would never understand........

you may see us differently and can't find the reasoning why we do such actions on the other hand the muslim woman can't understand the reasoning why a woman would display her beauty and ornaments only to be used by men. Why women in non muslim societies go in to the field prositiution, modelling and the porn industry when at the end of the day the person who
recieves full gratification is men?

why are cars, watches
and even household items
associated with women?

your ethnocentrism is why you can't see outside the BOX, there is more to life than laughing at
people's norms and values and frankly it makes you and other people who have commented in a similar fashion show that you are bunch of losers that really have nothing to do.

Whether you see islam for what it truly is does not matter to me.If you choose to close you eyes, ears and mind that is your own choice but don't rub you ill-feeling of
muslims on to others
and cause hatred, division and xenophobia and be suprised when we don't intergrate!

Anonymous said...

Well, I am a niqabi woman and this video is highly offensive. And so are a lot of the comments. Just because I choose to be completely covered doesn't mean that I am disconnected from the world. In fact, I consider myself to be very active.

Btw, I can eat outside just fine in niqab. Spaghetti wouldn't be my first choice...but it's certainly doable.;)