Friday, January 12, 2007

Boxer Botch

In the news again is Barbara Boxer (D-Ca), shown here aspiring to be the Senate's entry in ex-Rep. James Trafficant's Hairdo Hair-don'ts Contest...

From The New York Post comes Boxer's Low Blow which describes Boxer's obtuse attack on Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice during Rice's defense of the recent tactical change in the Iraq war.

Here is a strident feminist attacking a successful professional woman for not having had children to send to the war!!!

The irony of this is too much for my stomach to take. First, Rice's reproductive history is none of Boxer's business and not open for use as policital fodder, and secondly, here is a stridently feminist professional woman attacking a (decidedly smarter) professional woman for being childless.


Does Senator Boxer not hear how idiotic her words sound when she speaks?

Can you imagine the kerfuffle had a Republican said something this inane?

I don't think Democrats deserve a pass to be stoopid.


WomanHonorThyself said...

She is in deep doo doo over this as she should be..good post!!

cube said...

I want to see conservative outrage over this.

I want to see feminist outrage over this.

I want to see White House, Senate, & House outrage over this.

I want to see MSM outrage over this.

The doo doo isn't deep enough. Boxer is a disgrace, and she should apologize for her stoopid remarks.

Hey, I can dream, can't I?

The Merry Widow said...

And her hubby keeps helping BofA swallow up any bank I move my money to!
I think she personally hatesme for being a conservative in Santa Cruz!


8675309 said...

Hey, tmw! I'm a conservative in L.A.! That makes, of us in California now? ;)

Cube, I apologize on behalf of the seven of us, for the flaming idiocy of our alleged leadership.

Bring on the doo doo and the outrage!

cube said...

tmw: Boxer's husband is Mr. BofA? I'm changing banks!!!

jenny: No need to apologize, otherwise I'd still be doing it for the libs who couldn't figure out the 2000 election and the butterfly ballots.

They should be apologizing to us.

Caz said...

The problem with this is that an apology would be pretty much beside the point, other than as a point of superficial courtesy.

Boxer has exposed her lack of fitness for office and vacancy of intellectual credentials ... for any work ... certainly none for the role she is laughably filling.

She should be deeply ashamed. The people who voted for her, if they understand the full implications of Boxer’s thinking, should be mortified.

Brooke said...

Feminists are loyal to the Democrats at all costs, for what reason, I cannot imagine.

Remember the Lewinskygate? A young, female in a position with NO power is taken advantage of by an older, married man in a position of extreme power... That's textbook sexism, right?!?

Not a peep from the Feminazis. They're too busy worrying about DNC campaign contributions, and how fast one can get an abortion.

cube said...

caz: Very well put. I agree with you that Boxer is not qualified for her job. If the people who voted for Boxer don't understand the implications of what she said, then I think it's a either a case of "none are so blind as those who refuse to see", or they just don't care.

Already I'm seeing media reports that contort reality by implying that what you thought you heard was not what Boxer meant to say.

brooke: Yes, where were the feminists then and where are they now?

The Merry Widow said...

8675309-We used to live in Santa Cruz and San Jose, from 91-99. We left to return to Florida, Californistan treated us abominably, false accusations against my late husband, and various other abuses. I think it shortened his life!
Cube-Yep, Mr. Senator Boxer is on the board, has been for a long time, and I still think he's chasing me from bank to bank! I'm getting a complex!


cube said...

tmw: I was glad when Alex Sink left BofA, but now she's Florida's Chief Financial Officer. Yikes! There's no avoiding these people.

The Merry Widow said...

No, Cube, you can't escape. They manuver, manipulate, and cover for each other! They move around to cover who and what they are. It's all a game of bait and switch and which cup is it under!
Boxer's position was bought, so was Pelosi's, they are held up as icons of what women can do, well the truth is that they are there as pawns and fronts for their husbands. Political power subjected to corporate. The "ultimate" marriage of convenience! In the end they serve their husband's agendas!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!