Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sisterly Weiner Mischief

From comes this wacky story:

Hot Dog Mailed Between Sisters For 54 Years .

Flora Zimbelman says it all started 54 years ago when she put an uncooked hot dog in her sister's suitcase. Her sister, Rose, mailed it back. They spent the next 54 years sneaking the same hot dog back into eachother's life.

"I found it under my pillow once, I found it in between the drapes and once I found it in the kitchen drawer," said Flora.

Flora and Rose are two zany women.


nanc said...


a cousin and i, many years ago, had a little 6"x6"x10" decorative christmas box we'd give back and forth year after year for special occasions - you cannot imagine the things we'd stuff into it - it eventually was taped, stapled and Lord knows what else until it just wouldn't hold another thing! it may still be in my "stuff".

thanks for this one, cube.

cube said...

Glad you liked it :-)

Brooke said...

That might be the nastiest thing I've ever seen.

I wonder what sort of chemicals they put into hot dogs? 54 years, and that thing hasn't totally rotted away? ACK!

cube said...

brooke: food for thought ;-) I'll remember that when I crave my next hotdog.

Caz said...

The never ending hotdog ... how glorious, and what a wonderful pair of sisters.

However, as Brooke has noted, if a hotdog lasts for 54 years, relatively intact, I might consider posting them to people in future, rather than eating them.

Eyes said...


cube said...

caz: what fun that pair must've been. It's sad to think how much the surviving sister must miss her partner in crime.

eyes: yes, it is gross on one level, but the zest for life of those sisters is extraordinary.