Thursday, January 25, 2007

Latte Art Guide

This Bruce Lee latte is too pretty to drink.

You can learn to make your own designs from The CoffeeGeek's Latte Art Guide .


The Phoenix said...

Whoa...that's so cool. How about a Chuck Norris hot chocolate.

Jen said...

That's for real? No way!

Caz said...

I know this is very clever, and we have some local barristas who do little drawings in one's latte, but then someone drinks it all the same.

Disposable art?

Hmm, yes, something to be said for it after all. Nice concept. Perhaps there should be more of it.

prying1 said...

Hey! This is great!!! I can make one of Mary and Jesus and sell 'em on ebay for big bucks!

Which reminds me. How come Joseph never gets to be on grilled cheese sandwiches or tree trunks?

Brooke said...

I want a Jack Bauer latte! :D

Ooh, make that expresso. Jack MUST kick @ss.

nanc said...

funny - the dude in the cup doesn't LOOK like a cat?!?

pkak anyway!

cube said...

phoenix: Chuch Norris? As pricey as these lattes are, I want a picture of someone who's not an AARP member ;-)

jen: I'm not sure. They do some amazing things with milk nowadays.

caz: ephemeral art.

cube said...

prying1: Joseph does seem to take a backseat.

brooke: there you go. I'll have one of those too.

nanc: this was Thursday's post. The Cat Blog Friday post is now up if you still feel like pkaking.

Eyes said...

Cool! It reminds me of those things when people see things that aren't there... only in this case it's actually there!