Monday, January 29, 2007

Duck Ducks Death Again!

You've all heard about the ringneck duck who survived being shot, dragged by a dog, and then being kept in a refridgerator for 2 days...

Well, Perky, cheated death again... Duck Ducks Death A Third Time!

Apparently she died during surgery to fix her broken wing and was resuscitated by the veterinarian.

Wow, that Perky has more lives than a cat.


nanc said...

okay - here's where i tell you the story about the time i was sick of this one cornish rooster that kept coming into my breezeway and eating a styrofoam ice chest i had stored there - the other 60 chickens figured it out in a hurry.

anyway - i kept throwing things at it in the attempt to get him to associate bad behavior with a shoe or tennis ball to the backside - i'd finally had enough!

i grabbed one of the kidz b-b guns and went to shoot it in the tail feathers when all of a sudden it sprung around and i ended up hitting it in the neck - it ran out of the breezeway on adrenalin i suppose - squawking all the way, which drew all the other chickens over to him.

i then learned what the "pecking" order was all about - they started beatin' the tar out of him and i shooed them away and he appeared dead. i don't clean chickens so just put him in the freezer until nancpop came home a few hours later and after relating the entire ordeal to him, he went to the freezer to get the bird and clean it.

he comes out with the sack i'd put it in and asked, "how long ago'd you think you killed this bird?" or something like that. i related it had been a couple few hours.

the friggin' bag was rattling around to beat the band! nancpop ordered, "come here and let me show you how to kill a bird!" i emphatically stated, "NO! i killed it the first time - it's your turn!"

nanc said...


i could have used that as an "oh boo" moment at longrange!

maybe i will...

Brooke said...

That's one lucky duck... And one heckuva story, Nanc!

cube said...

nanc: Great story. I guess chickens are as good at playing dead as ducks.

I had a run in with a chicken once. I was about 4 & I lured a chicken into the kitchen to wring it's neck. Well, after several futile attempts, the chicken scratched my stomach & ended my chicken neck-wringing career before it began ;-)

brooke: lucky duck? *groan* If she was really a lucky duck, the hunter would've shot the duck behind her!

Jill said...

She's very lucky. Hope she doesn't try to cross the road.

Too bad Barbaro wasn't as lucky.

The Phoenix said...

Amazing. Just amazing.

This duck has a destiny to fulfill. I'm sure of it.

Jen said...

Lucky duck, love it!

Who knew they were so hard to kill?

Jamie Dawn said...

I finally figured it out!!
Perky, the amazing duck, is the reincarnation of Rasputin.

cube said...

Jill: I saw a cartoon in the editorial section this morning that showed Barbaro in a field thinking "I can run! I can Run!" It was touching.

phoenix: Destiny Duck. It has a nice ring to it.

jen: who knew?

j.d.: well, in case you're right, don't let that duck anywhere near Laura Bush ;-)

Raggedy said...

What a lucky duck!
Amazing story.