Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Universal Health Care Hell

Cuban Dictator, Fidel Castro, pictured here in happier times with close friends, is in very grave condition after receiving less than adequate health care.

Experts Say Castro Surgery Seems To Have Been Botched .

The article gets a little gruesome at times, but socialized medicine is replete with grisly medical mishaps. In an effort to spare Castro a colostomy, what they did was to try to establish continuity of the bowel by sewing the colon to the rectum. A Korean prosthetic colon. Three unsuccessful surgeries. Infection.

Yikes! It sounds like something out of Hillary's health care reform plan.

At least the Cuban doctors didn't sew the colon to Castro's optic nerve. Optic rectalitis would set in and Castro would develop a crappy outlook on life.


nanc said...


Brooke said...

Holy smokes! I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they let the colon leak into his bloodstream and he is dying of sepsis!

How poetic. The corrupt ineptitude of his stagnant communism has come back to end his miserable existence.

Brooke said...

Oh, and I just looooove the pic of Jimmuh grinning like a buffoon next to Castro.

Worth a thousand words.

cube said...

nanc: it's not easy being a tyrant nowadays ;-)

brooke: it is fitting that he is finally getting a taste of the pain he has inflicted on the Cuban people for 50 years.

It reminds me of Teddy Kennedy's reign
of 54+ years in the Senate. Another one who needs to pay for his train wreck of a life.

nanc said...

wonder how jimmuh and the little lady kept him propped up just right?:

nanc said...

i do not condemn people - their acts condemn them - i just point them out:

jimmuh's goin' ta hell if he keeps this nonsense up! he's a freaking mess - how low can he go? let's put it this way - the two guys holding the limbo stick have set it down and HE can still get under it!

G-d forgive me!

cube said...

nanc: it does look like fidel is being propped up a la Weekend @ Bernie's.

birdwoman said...

hoist by his own petard!

hope he's got something to use to fan himself. I hear it's toasty where he's going.


WomanHonorThyself said...

it's not easy being a tyrant true Cube!

cary said...

I am surprised that this late in the comments no one has said ... "What a pain in the @$$!"

cube said...

cary: you just did ;-)

Always On Watch Two said...

Castro's arrogance about not having a colostomy bad may well cost him his life.

When he took over in Cuba, many of the best doctors there fled to the United States. He was left with inferior care.

In other words, Castro has reaped what he has sown.

cube said...

aow2: the evil that you do can come back & bite you in the @$$.

Jamie Dawn said...

Crappy outlook... ha, ha, ha...

good one!!

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