Thursday, January 04, 2007

Spoon Danger

Spoon danger for an Australian Woman Who Swallowed A Spoon In A Laughing Fit.

That must have been one heck of a good joke.

Honestly, you just can't make up this stuff.


WomanHonorThyself said...

Gives new meaning to the word "spooning" eh?

Jamie Dawn said...

Attack of the spoons!

GAG me with a spoon. Ha, ha, ha! I grew in CA, so I like totally know the Valley Girl talk.

Brooke said...

How does laughing make one swallow a spoon? I'd like to have seen that one!

Whoa! That must've been stuck GOOD!

Usually they just snake a scope down the esophagus in an ER to get swallowed stuff out of the pipes!

If it got all the way to her stomach, I could see the operation being needed...

cube said...

woman: a wild and crazy new meaning.

j.d.: lol. Do they even have Valley Girls in OZ?

brooke: it's an amazing story. I can't even imagine how you would go about swallowing a spoon! I have trouble swallowing an ibuprofen caplet.

Kathy said...

Tripendicular.. Cubie ..Lol!

Don't really think we have a particular name for these types of girls in Oz.
I know in the UK they call them Sloane Rangers.

cube said...

brooke: maybe YouTube will have a video ;-)

kathy: tripendicular... lol!

With her esophagus, this girl has a future in sword swallowing at the fair.

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