Thursday, January 17, 2008


Upset that his 7-year-old son wouldn't wear a Green Bay Packers jersey during the team's playoff victory Saturday, a Wisconsin man restrained the boy for an hour with tape and taped the jersey onto him.

You're A Packers Fan, Son ... Got It?

Matthew Kowald pleaded no contest, paid a fine of $186 and was released, vowing to leave the boy alone, and in the future only humiliate the family dog with Packers regalia.


Brooke said...


We used to do stuff like that to each other all the time. Who knew I was being abused? ;)

jan said...

I can't believe that any charges were brought in Green Bay. The judge must have been a Vikings fan.

The dog looks too cute to be humiliated.

birdwoman said...

ummm, I think this goes a bit beyond teasing. Restrained for an hour?! My brothers never did this kind of crap for more than 10 minutes.


cube said...

On hour is a bit much. The father should be duct-taped to a chair, made to wear a Hannah Montana wig, and forced to watch one of her concerts. Even if it's just her body double, it would still make him learn a lesson.

Grimm said...

Likewise, my siblings used to torture me far worse than this. I remeber one December afternoon I was tied to the trampoline and pummeled upon for saying the Browns would beat the Steelers.

Looking back, I deserved that one.

cube said...

grimm: Ha, you did deserve it ;-)

BTW my sisters could tell some stories about me and vice versa.