Thursday, January 17, 2008

Maila Nurmi 1921-2008

Maila Nurmi, aka Vampira, passed away in her sleep January 10th at age 86.

Her Vampira, the inspiration for Cassandra Petersen's "Elvira", was itself inspired by Charles Addams' Morticia.

If you're interested, a bio and some creepy old videos of Vampira can be found at Wonderful

RIP, Vampira.


At January 17, 2008 4:09 PM, Blogger Eyes said...

I've never heard of her before, thanks for sharing... What a tiny waistline!

At January 17, 2008 9:56 PM, Blogger cube said...

She was an icon in my upbringing, but then again, I've always maintained that my POV was a bit twisted...

I've missed her movies for a long time.

At January 17, 2008 9:57 PM, Blogger Annie said...

very interesting!

At January 18, 2008 9:36 AM, Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

aw..reminds me of Yvonne de Carlo.;)

At January 18, 2008 9:49 AM, Blogger cube said...

annie: Glad you liked it.

angel: Yes she does. It seemed to me that DeCarlo passed away recently, but it was back in January 2007! Gosh, time flies.

At January 18, 2008 10:29 AM, Blogger Brooke said...

Wow, it doesn't seem that Vampira would be 86!

RIP, Lady!

At January 18, 2008 9:27 PM, Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

I think I dated her...

At January 19, 2008 8:59 AM, Blogger cube said...

brooke: Hard to believe.

mr. fab: lol. Robbing the cradle is bad enough, but robbing the grave is unthinkable ;-)


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