Thursday, January 31, 2008


Purely by accident, I found an extensive assortment of obscure Pez dispensers at including one of the Great Garloo, pictured above.

I was too young to remember the Great Garloo in person, but I do remember some of the other toys designed by Marvin Glass, including Ants in the Pants, Dynamite Shack, Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots, Hands Down, Haunted House, Lite Brite, Odd Ogg, Operation, Mouse Trap, Time Bomb, Tip-It, and Toss Across, among others.

The Great Garloo remote controlled robot toy video, a real hoot just for the 1961 pop culture blast from the past, is available HERE via BoingBoing.

The marketing firms were working on kids even way back then. Some things never change.


pez said...

pez dispensers rule.

pez said...

even ugly robot ones :-)

Jamie Dawn said...

I like the Jetson's Rosie and King Tut ones.
PEZ candies are goooood!

Jill said...

looks a little strange to me. I haven't even seen a pez in years. My kids are grown but they tried to collect them when they were kids. Usually they just ended up all over the floor, under the beds and every where but where they were supposed to be. Too bad some of them could be money in the bank.

cube said...

j.d.: I used to love Pez candy as a kid, but I don't eat them anymore. I just love the idea of Pez now.

jill: I sure wish I had kept my old ones. Some of them are worth some bucks.

cube said...

pez: Yes, I did think of you when I ran across this.

Brooke said...

My hubby has a Batman Pez dispenser. The rest of us plebes in the family aren't allowed to touch it. :)

cube said...

brooke: Heh heh. My kids just care about the candy.

I have a bunch of superhero Pez dispensers somewhere - Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, The Hulk, Spidey and others.

I'm still waiting for the Star Trek collection *sigh*

Kirk D. said...

Whoa! Thanks for pointing me to this link. Great stuff there. I've always coveted Garloo (though he's before my time)

cube said...

kirk: Glad to help. Thanks for dropping by.

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