Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Iron Chumps

I didn't watch the Iron Chef "White House Garden" special because I suspected that it would be a political stunt that has no business on a food network show. I was right.

First, it was billed as using vegetables from the White House garden which the celebrity chefs picked with MO's permission. This, in and of itself, is a crock because those vegetables are toxic.

Michelle Obama's Toxic Veggie Nightmare: White House Organic Garden Polluted With Sludge

Second, they ended up using stunt vegetables but didn't announce that bothersome fact on the show. They played along with the sham that is the White House garden.

Iron Chef Special Used Ringers, Not Veggies From The White House Garden

I expect lies, smoke and mirrors, and misdirection from the Obamas, but not from the Food Network.

Shame on you.


dmarks said...

Don't their daughters play on swingsets in that yard?

cube said...

Sure, but as long as they don't eat the grass they should be fine.

jan said...

I'm trying to think of something tasteful to say about Washington, DC and fertilizer. But I can't.

cube said...

Jan: Well, you are not alone.

Debbie said...

This white house garden was a joke from the beginning.

Right Truth

cube said...

Debbie: Yeah, MO was out there in designer clothes for the photo op and then the WH staffers were tasked with the real gardening.

This whole presidency is a sham.

Ananda girl said...

I can't stop snickering at the idea of stunt veggies. But you are right, how pathetic to use the food network to get face time.

cube said...

Ananda Girl: The stunt veggies angle is humorous, but I'm detecting lies trying to cover up for the less savory angles.

Notice how the Food Network brought up unexpected delays yada yada and that the veggies had to be donated to the poor.

This makes me think of the episode of Seinfeld when the muffin bottoms were donated to the poor and the aide worker, Rebecca DeMornay, was indignant over the fact that they would think the poor would even WANT to eat muffin bottoms.

Do the poor want to eat toxic

This administration is living like Chinese mandarins who feel entitled to do whatever they wish. We, the pogues, don't matter and any lies we're told will be glossed over.

This whole episode is ugly on many levels. Seems like everything associated with the Obamas falls into that category.

Teresa said...

I would think that the combination of politics, the Obamas, fertilizer, and food would give a person an upset stomach.

Washington D.C. is the city of nuts.

WomanHonorThyself said...

DC is a sewer Cube..buncha tools..ugh!..pass a donut!

Chuck said...

I think they would be considered stunt doubles?

Anonymous said...

I'm not really surprised.

It would take someone with cahones at the FN to stand up and say 'uh, I don't think so' to the Obama's.

It's all grown up media-induced peer-pressure...on a large, quite frightening scale.