Thursday, June 09, 2011

Doberman Shepherd

I found this interesting because I have a German Shepherd and a Doberman...

Doberman Shepherd

Cool looking dog, eh?


Jan said...

What a striking looking dog. I wonder if the hybrid would avoid the hip problems that some GSD's have.

Ananda girl said...

That is one regal looking dog! Very handsome.

cube said...

Jan: It is a beautiful dog. Certainly a way of making Doberman ears stick up without having to resort to surgery. This hybrid is so new that I don't know if they avoid the hip dysplasia or not. Also, I don't know what the tail looks like.

cube said...

Ananda Girl: I'm a fan. I just hope it has the smarts of the German shepherd half. I'm just saying...

Brooke said...

That is cool!

Check out this Corgi-Husky mix.

cube said...

Brooke: That is a unique looking dog. Makes me think of what the Weiner baby will look like... hopefully, the child will take after the mother.

Leticia said...

Gorgeous dog. I have always liked dobermans. My sister used to have a Dober-dane. A mix between a pure bred doberman and great Dane.

He was such a gentle soul, although, he was fierce if he didn't know you.

I miss him.

Karen Howes said...

Very cool, Cube.

I never cared for the look of Dobies, to be honest, until I saw them with natural ears- sorry, but I HATE cropped ears-- on both ethical and cosmetic levels.

Natalie and my Doberman Pinscher Dog said...

What a lovely dog. His built is really firm and fearless.

Erica said...

I have a German Shephard / Doberman mix, so far (age 4), he has not had any genetic health problems. As a puppy the vet warned me of hip displasia but he turned out just fine! Mine is much "beefier" than the one pictured and is about 90lbs.

His temperment is very loving, protective, curious, stubborn, playful. As a puppy he was high energy and toned down around age 3.

Great dog!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just lost mine at 8 yrs best dog I ever had her name was Dingo I want another doberman sheperd hands down!!

Anonymous said...

Doese anyone know if these hybreds are prone to seizures?


Hi i also have dobe/ shephered cross breed, now he is 6 months old, but looking normal height only, am very sad because the next door LAB dogs grown very height and fat when compare to my dog, those are same age only, I want to understand about my dog pls help me .


Hi i also have dobe/ shephered cross breed, now he is 6 months old, but looking normal height only, am very sad because the next door LAB dogs grown very height and fat when compare to my dog, those are same age only, I want to understand about my dog pls help me .

Anonymous said...

Doberman Pinschers intellect by far surpasses the German Shepherds. Both are very smart, loyal, and protective. Being an owner of both breeds i believe the dog will be easily trained yet still inherit hip problems. Im looking forward to my first litter myself.

Ford said...

Different breeds grow at different rates. A Lab is a large breed dog. The German Shepherd is as well..the Doberman on the other hand is a medium build dog. If your mix isnt gaining height as quickly as your neighbors lab, my guess would be that the mother of your cross is the Doberman.

Ford said...

I'm not sure where you are located but im eager about breeding my 4first yr old blue doberman with my 4yr old German Shepherd. If you would like to keep in touch my email address is:

Anonymous said...

We have a male and female. Both are wonderful dogs. The male is the most athletic dog I've ever had. We have a 5 foot fence in our back yard and he clears it without touching it.

Anonymous said...

My dobie-Shepard mix was the best dog for 13 years. She eventually lost the use of her hips. I now have a new dobie-Shepard mix, Molly. Molly is sweet, smart, and stubborn. These mixes need to know who the alpha dog is.

Max Fairrow said...

I have a Doberman Shepherd named Max and he is a very beautiful dog and we love him, he's still young 8 mo but he looks like a Dob from the body and color but a shepherd from the head and when his hair is short he has the color of a shepherd.

roberta mcdonald said...


I found your blog while researching Doberman Shepherds. About four days ago we rescued Brandi from the pound. She is about a little more than a year old. For just a couple of days she is adjusting quite well. My GDS, Sassy, died due to cancer about three weeks ago. Fate put Brandi and I together. She needed a home and I needed a buddy!

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