Saturday, June 18, 2011

Food For Thought

I confess that I do watch some reality shows, but "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" is not one of them. That's why I missed this...

Blagojevich: Patti Ate A Tarantula For Her Family

It makes me wonder what lies in store for Huma Weiner and her family.

[The BLOG note: this is a photo of the tarantula paperweight that sits on my desk. I would never even think of eating it, despite the plexiglass...]


silly rabbit said...

EEEWWWWWwwww... I could not put one in my hand let alone my mouth!
That is a cool paperweight though. I had a friend with a bat in a crystal ball.
Maybe Huma Weiner can do an "Ozzie" and bite the head off of a living bat!

cube said...

I know. Huge EWWWW factor. I couldn't even bring myself to wach the video of her eating the darned thing.

Maybe Huma can get off easy by
eating goat eyeballs... isn't that an arabic delicacy?

The paperweight is a favorite of kids who visit my house. My niece runs over everytime to make sure it's still in it's plastic case.

Teresa said...

That is EWWWW. Blago's wife was willing to eat a spider? That's just so disgusting. Maybe Huma is more civilized than Blago's wife? Although she is a Muslim.

silly rabbit said...

We had Armenian friends when I was growing up. They aren't Muslim, but they ate goat heads. I tried the brains and the tongue, but could not manage to force myself to try the eye ball!
Your niece is a smart cookie! I'd want to be sure that hairy fellow was locked in tight too.

Z said...

"they aren't muslims!" that's for sure; They were the first Christian nation and they're from an area we don't know about but if you haven't tasted lamb cheeks, I'd give them another try. The tongue should be good, no?
EYEBALLS? VERY few people eat eyeballs! :-)

my uncle, Armenian, had a freezer in the garage full of the delicacy and they had a fire in the garage. When the firemen opened the freezer, they thought they'd found BLUE BEARD...charred heads! (lamb heads) It took my uncle a bit of time to convince them :-)

Cube, (okay, I'm finished being defensive now!!)..have you seen that commercial on TV for some iphone that apparently has SUCH a clear picture that the guy has a tarantula as a screen saver or something and a lunch guest of his, a woman, JUMPS out of her seat screaming and the other invitee starts throwing things at the little screen as if it's a REAL tarantula? You must have loved that!

Patrick Carroll said...

OMG that's revolting...Mind you I am an arachnophobe!!!

Brooke said...


I could barely look at your paperweight.

Last night I went into the kitchen and nearly stepped on an adolescent wolf spider. One of my cats comes when you cluck like a dog would, and like you would point out a crumb to a dog I pointed to the spider.

She made quick work of it. Good kitteh.