Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Another State Din Din

Party Time Again: Michelle Obama Explains The Angela Merkel State Dinner For You Guys Without Invites

An education from Princeton University...
A law degree from Harvard...
A $7,000 dress...

Priceless... not.


Jan said...

hehe. You always find the best fanny shots of MO.

I looked over the guest list. Diane Sawyer didn't have a date.

cube said...

It's hard to miss that target ;-)

Z said...

Finally, he does something right by Angela.
The Germans were SO ticked that he never went to Berlin; apparently, Heads of State are expected to go to the Capital City of each country they're in and Obama kept deciding against it. Probably because they wouldn't let him campaign in Berlin near the Brandenburg Gates, remember?
He dissed and dissed her but I've forgotten the other things Mr. Z pointed out to me in the German press at the times they happened.
WHat a dinner! I hope the heat wave didn't affect D.C. as it is NYC...imagine sitting outside for a dinner in 90 degree heat? Yuck.
Great planning, Mrs. O.
The food sounded goodm tho! But STRUDEL!? For GERMANSA? Ach du lieber Gott!!

cube said...

Z: I'm not fluent with German, but I think I can recognize 'ach du lieber gott!!!' as not so good. Have the Obamas ever made us proud? Not really.

Chuck said...

Presidential campaign ... $300 million

Inevitable legal challenges ... $6 million

Inauguration of a new President ... $4 million

Being set free from socialism ... priceless

Ananda girl said...

One would think for that much money that she wouldn't need to hold her dress up.

Always On Watch said...

Michelle Obama dresses to draw attention to her backside. I fail to understand why she would want to call attention to all the junk in the trunk.

cube said...

Chuck: The part about being set free from socialism... from your keyboard to God's ear.

Ananda Girl: Absolutely. It reminds me of Jonathan Swift's adage that you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, but then I read this OY!

So I will just say that I don't share MO's fashion sense.

cube said...

Always On Watch: I think it's a black thing.

Brooke said...

I don't get MO's fashion sense at all.

It's like she goes, "Ooh, I like that AND it's pricey, AND those schlub taxpayers are gonna foot the bill!"

And there we go.

The waste is just astounding. Remember when they called GWB to the carpet for serving a moderately expensively priced bottle of wine? It doesn't hold a candle to THIS!!!

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