Wednesday, June 29, 2011


John Kerry: I Would've Been A Good President, Maybe Even A Great One

That was the biggest laugh I had all day.


Jan said...

Cube, great graphic. It says it all.

silly rabbit said...

Oh my... he didn't even get that Don was suggesting that he was a crappy candidate but would have been better than what we ended up with this time.
Yep... made me laugh.

Z said...

Oh. My. God.
and the EGO....holy cow.

Chuck said...

He never the whole Senator thingy down

cube said...

Jan: Thanks. I started The BLOG in October of 2004 so you know I have many pics of John and Tuh-ray-zuh Kerry.

Silly Rabbit: It was humorous. BTW did you know that John Kerry was in the military? ;-)

cube said...

Z: Most politicians have big egos, but Kerry's doesn't even begin to approach that of the Zero.

Chuck: Yet he's still at the job. Unbelievable.

dmarks said...

Sounds like he is still campaigning.

I can just imagine this famous waffler saying this:

"I'd have made a great president. After I was a horrible one".

When I think of Kerry, the worst thing I remember was at the convention when he was playing soldier. When he said he was "reporting for duty". No, he was not. He was not a soldier any more.

cube said...

Dmarks: Sounds like he is a hero in his own head.

And I don't think he was ever much of a soldier even when he was serving.

dmarks said...

I can't imagine what Democrats were thinking when they nominated Kerry in 2004.

There were SO many parallels already with the Mondale challenge to Reagan's Presidency in the 1980s. And look how far that got them!

So the Dems decided to repeat this... they chose a Northern strong liberal who was charisma-free, like Mondale. Even worse than Mondale, Kerry had a mean streak, dishonorable history of betraying his country by lying about his fellow soldiers in Congress and attempting on his own to sell out to the enemy, and a really strong sanctimonious patrician manner about him.

He's also a sort of genocidal nut: Kerry has gone in record as specifically supporting the death camps that North Vietnam put in place in South Vietnam after the conquest.

Mondale personally seemed likable, if rather stuffy. He's "Minnesota Nice". Nothing about Kerry is likable.Not only does he have the face of the apple-throwing trees in "The Wizard of Oz", he has the personality also.