Friday, June 03, 2011

Mini Mini Me

The short saga of Weinergate continues to enlarge in scope...

Weiner Calls Cops On CBS

I am enjoying the puns ;-)


Jan said...

I can only imagine what a lifetime of having a last name Weiner would do to a man.

Actually I can't.

What an arrogant buffoon he is.

Brooke said...

Now he's telling reporters that he doesn't know if the underoo shot is his with any 'certitude.'

C'mon. I think I would recall it if I posted such a pic of my stuff.

Arrogant, indeed.

Always On Watch said...

LOL to that graphic.

BTW, I love dachshunds.

cube said...

Jan: I can't imagine growing up with a name like that either, but it shouldn't give hime a license to be an arrogant blowhard.

Weiner prides himself on being a hard-charging debater, but he's not proving it with this incident. He might as well just have come out and said, "Yeah, I did it. So what?" This is a resume enhancer for a democrat.

cube said...

Brooke: So, Mr. Weiner, either you are intellectually slow or you have SO many shots of your crotch out there that you can't recall with any 'certitude' that this one is yours? Hmmm?

Always On Watch: I have a Doberman which is basically a large Dachshund on stilts ;-)

Ananda girl said...

Oh my! I love that pic!
As for Mr. Weiner... what a jerk!
I've been following this one on Hannity. I too get laughs out of the puns, but do not understand how he can think anyone would take him seriously after this mess.
Worse yet, if he gets a thrill out of people looking at him in his unders, he must be really happy now with the whole nation looking at this!

Chuck said...

It's a brilliant strategy. Act indignant, scare off the media, continue harassing women.

It's been used by leftists for years.

Teresa said...

Love the pic! Weiner certainly lives up to his name. he's a womanizer.