Friday, July 06, 2007

Arkansan Mob

Hillary Attacks Bush Clemency For Libby. This article highlights some of the more suspect Clinton pardons.

Hair-raising Stuff From Good Ol' Bubba. Love Tony Snow's comments in the last paragraph.

The Clintons are counting on the American public forgetting the utter corruption and sleaziness of their administration.

Never forget.

Never forget.


Caz said...

Now that's one mean looking kitty.

Oh, oops ....

cube said...



WomanHonorThyself said...

ha the Clintons with their 140 pardons..what jokes!..happy weekend Cube!

Kathy said...

Pkak pkak pkkkkaaakkkk!k!

I'm sure Nanc would approve, and as she's away for the weekend I feel it my duty to carry on her pkaking tradition..

This mean lookin' kitty deserves a pkaking shellacking I reckon!

Besides the little cat blog kitty is too cute for a pkak..

cube said...

angel: I know. The Clintons are still at it because they keep getting away with their shenanigans.

Hope your weekend is a good one too.

Brooke said...

It goes with my theory that people will only do what they know they can get away with.

cube said...

brooke: It's past time they were exposed for the lying, power mad
grifters they really are.